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Who are the Most Influential Commercial Insurance Startups in UK Today?

The UK’s commercial insurance industry is thriving with a plethora of innovative startups and companies offering a range of services. From covering auto, travel, and property, to agricultural and financial risks, these companies provide tailored solutions to cater for a variety of insurance needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of these interesting commercial insurance companies right here in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom’s commercial insurance industry is not only massive but also diverse, with companies focusing on numerus aspects of insurance. This article will showcase 15 significant players in the industry, providing helpful information and links to their websites for further context. Each company presents a unique approach to commercial insurance, thus helping to push the industry to new heights.

It is essential to note that these companies are all trailblazers in the field, leading innovation and pushing boundaries in the commercial insurance sector. They serve as a testament to the versatility and value that commercial insurance provides, and the potential of the industry to continually evolve and keep pace with a changing market landscape.

H&R Insurance

H&R Insurance is an insurance company with a range of offerings like commercial, building, taxi, cyber, car, and motorcycle insurance services. They are prominently known in the auto insurance, commercial insurance and broad insurance industry.

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FR Ball Insurance

An insurance brokerage firm that operates in diverse insurance sectors such as auto, home, travel, marine cargo, farm, and motor fleet insurance services is FR Ball Insurance. They specialize in commercial insurance, financial services, health insurance, insurance, and property insurance.

Greenlands Insurance Services

Headed by founder Roland Williams, Greenlands Insurance Services is a national retail broker specializing in agricultural, commercial, and personal insurance risks, making a significant impact in the agriculture and retail insurance industries.

David J Miller Insurance Brokers

You can trust David J Miller Insurance Brokers for stellar consulting services in leisure, commercial and personal insurance services since they have made remarkable strides in the auto insurance and broader insurance industry.

E G Murray

E G Murray provides business insurance and financial planning services, making commendable strides in the commercial insurance, financial services, and insurance industry.

Alan Stevenson Partnership

Insurance for personal and commercial requirements is competently handled by Alan Stevenson Partnership, a significant player in the commercial insurance, financial services, and insurance industry.

Luker Rowe

Providing business, personal, AV, and event insurance services, Luker Rowe has known for its presence in the commercial insurance, property insurance, and broader insurance industry.

P W White & Partners

Offering a melange of financial advisory, household, motor, travel, HVAC commissioning, and commercial insurance services, P W White & Partners has earned its stripes in the commercial insurance, financial services, and insurance industry.

Crompton Bailey

Making a significant impact in the commercial insurance, financial services, insurance, and property insurance sector, Crompton Bailey offers commercial and personal insurance products.

Blue Rock Insurance Brokers

For personal and business insurance services, Blue Rock Insurance Brokers is your go-to company, known for its work in the commercial insurance, property insurance, risk management, and broader insurance industry.

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MacKay Corporate Insurance Brokers

MacKay Corporate offers commercial and personal insurance services, making a considerable contribution to the auto insurance, commercial insurance, and property insurance industry.


Provincewide offers home, personal, and commercial insurance services. It is a recognisable name in the commercial insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and property insurance sectors.

J Hatty & Co

Offering comprehensive home, auto, commercial, property, and travel insurance products and services, J Hatty & Co has carved a niche for itself in the commercial insurance, insurance, and property insurance industry.

Bond Lovis Insurance Brokers

An automotive and home insurance broker, Bond Lovis Insurance Brokers has earned its reputation in the commercial insurance, financial services, professional services, and property insurance industry.

M&DH Insurance Services

Serving corporate and individual clients with unmatched professionalism, M&DH Insurance Services is recognised in the commercial insurance, insurance, and InsurTech sector.

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