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Who Are The Leading Finance Startups Transforming Milton Keynes Today?

Based in the city of Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom, several reputable finance companies and start-ups are making their mark in the industry. Our team has scoured the city to bring to you some of the most exciting players in this space, encompassing various sub-sectors such as financial services, accounting, insurance, and wealth management. Whether you’re an investor searching for the next big thing, a practising professional, or just interested in keeping up on the world of finance, we’re gonna dive into the heart of 15 compelling finance businesses operating in Milton Keynes and learn what sets them apart.

ICR Leasing

As an innovative player in the automotive industry, ICR Leasing specialises in providing vehicle leasing for companies, right from start-ups to established enterprises. The firm operates at the intersection of automotive funding, finance, and financial services. While the founders have elected to stay behind-the-scenes, their market-centric solutions have been well received.


Co-founded by Kapil Madan, Dynamatix is a strong contender in the finance sector, specialising in risk, data, compliance, audit, and process automation management services. Backed by potent software, it’s been delivering value in a range of financial services.

Wealth Dragons Group PLC

Established by John Lee and Vincent Wong, Wealth Dragons Group PLC is giving a new face to finance, real estate, and impact investing. The company’s primary focus is Online Education and Event Promotion, truly making learning about finances as engaging and accessible as possible.

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Vizion Wealth

At Vizion Wealth, Andrew Flowers and his team offer financial advice and wealth management services to individuals and businesses. Their expertise covers various domains, including financial services, personal finance, retirement, and wealth management.

Reid & Co

From accounting to consultancy services, Reid & Co has been a reliable partner for various clients. They provide wholesome financial solutions to their clients, solidifying their stand in the industry.

Aureum Finance

Focused on offering robust financial solutions from banking to insurance, Aureum Finance stands out in their niche. Their expertise in providing investment loans and funding services has proven invaluable to their clients.

Promethean Capital Group

Promethean Capital Group, founded by James F. O’Brien, has created waves in the industry by offering innovative financing solutions to businesses, to the cumulative tune of a billion dollars.

Approved Motor Finance

If funding solutions related to motor finance is what you seek, Approved Motor Finance has got you covered. They provide an impressive array of options like refinance, hire, and personal contract purchase.

We Raise Any Finance

As a dependable real estate loan agency, We Raise Any Finance is a significant player in the lending segment of the finance industry.

Cornhill Direct Insurance

For those seeking comprehensive insurance solutions, Cornhill Direct Insurance offers top-notch services. Their pan-industry approach ensures a vast catalogue of insurance services suitable for various requirements and business models.

Effective Accounting Solutions

Effective Accounting Solutions is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses seeking financial and tax advice. Their myriad services cover all the major aspects of financial services.

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Dumas Accounting

With an acute focus on accounting and business advisory services, Dumas Accounting offers unmatched expertise in their domain. It is the go-to place for bespoke and personalized financial services.

ISBAN Global Services

Specialising in banking software, ISBAN Global Services is a division of Santander that delivers high-quality process projects through advanced systems integration.

Solution Corporate Finance

Solution Corporate Finance provides M&A Lead Advisory solutions across various financial fronts. Their innovative approaches set them apart in the finance sector.

Adam Accounting Services

Rounding up the list is Adam Accounting Services which extends a comprehensive suite of services including accounting, tax, payroll, company secretarial and advisory solutions.

And there you have it – 15 inspiring finance startups and companies from Milton Keynes. Each company presents vast opportunities with unique offerings and innovative solutions that encompass the entire realm of finance. We hope this has been an enlightening journey through Milton Keynes business world, and that these diverse companies have shown how vibrant this sector truly is within the city!

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