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Who Are the Innovators Reshaping UK’s Wealth Management Landscape in 2023?

The wealth management sector in the United Kingdom is home to a vibrant array of companies that help their clients maximize, protect, and sustain their wealth. These companies offer a host of services including financial planning, asset management, advice, and other essential financial services. Below, we spotlight 15 noteworthy wealth management startups and companies from the UK that are making their mark in the industry.

In a constantly changing and uncertain world, the role of wealth management companies has become crucial for individuals and businesses. Ease of operations, personalized services, seamless digital integration, and a strong focus on the client experience are key attributes that these 15 UK-based wealth management companies are focused on in order to lead in this highly competitive market.

With a diverse range of offerings and a focus on innovation, these companies are constantly working to redefine what clients can expect from a wealth management service. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting array of startups and companies that are leading the way in the UK wealth management space.

Burnett & Reid

Burnett & Reid offers integrated legal, property, and wealth management services to private clients and SME businesses. Working in the leasing, legal, property management, and wealth management industries, the company has carved out a niche as a one-stop solution for many essential services.

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AAB Wealth

AAB Wealth, founded by Graeme Allan, provides wealth management and financial planning services. The company, which operates in the financial services and wealth management industry, caters to clients looking for holistic financial planning.


Founded by Richard Allum, MoneyScope helps people maximize their cash flow and achieve proper cash settlements in court cases. Operating in the finance, financial services, fintech, software, and wealth management industries, the firm offers a unique blend of services to meet its clients’ diverse needs.

Flick & Son

Flick & Son is a competent name in the property management, real estate, and wealth management industries. An independent real estate company, it aims to meet the needs of clients with varied property interests.


Moneybrain combines technology with real human financial expertise to create a unique offering. As a player in the dynamics of financial services, fintech, and wealth management, the company aims to offer bespoke services to its clients.

Clarion Wealth Planning

Clarion Wealth Planning, founded by Ron Walker, is a consulting firm that provides financial, retirement planning and investment management services. As a leader in consulting, financial services, retirement, and wealth management, the company provides tailored advice for its clients.

Framework Accountancy

Framework Accountancy offers a wide range of financial services including accounting, taxation, bookkeeping, and payroll. As a part of the accounting and financial services industry, the firm seeks to provide reliable solutions for clients’ financial operations.

Arm In Arm Accounting

Arm In Arm Accounting provides services in accounting, taxation, business planning, and strategic advice. As part of the accounting, consulting, financial services, and wealth management sectors, it provides comprehensive advice for businesses.

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AJB Wealth

With operations in angel investment, asset management, finance, financial services, and wealth management, AJB Wealth is an investment company that provides financial advice, consulting, portfolio, wealth, and asset management services.


Founded by Geoff Hartley, Vale specializes in retirement planning, estate planning, asset management, and advice services. The company provides comprehensive financial services with a focus on wealth management.

Entire FS

Entire FS provides personal & business protection, equity release, mortgage advice, wealth management and other financial services. Active in the consulting, financial services, and wealth management sectors, it provides services designed with the client in mind.

Periscope Wealth

Periscope Wealth operates in advice, financial services, insurance, and wealth management. The financial company delivers pertinent services designed to impact positively on clients’ financial well-being.

Alexander House Financial Services

Alexander House Financial Services offer a range of services including savings, tax reduction, wealth management, corporate finance, and retirement planning. With a presence in the advice, financial services, retirement, and wealth management industries, the firm guides its clients towards their financial objectives.

Beacon Gainer

Founded by Lara Leigh Wood, Beacon Gainer is centred on advice, financial services, and wealth management. As a financial advisory firm, it offers advice and consulting on wealth tailored to the requirements of its clients.

Brilliance Financial Planning

Brilliance Financial Planning provides financial advice and portfolio management services. The firm caters to those in need of comprehensive advice and management within the financial services and wealth management industries.

In conclusion, these 15 wealth management companies from the UK provide interesting solutions to the complex needs of their diverse client base. Their innovative approaches and their dedication to client service is truly commendable, and a study of these wealth management companies from the UK serves to inspire other firms operating in the financial sector.

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