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Who are the Game-Changing UK Startups Revolutionising Fraud Detection in 2023?

In the modern world, with cyberattacks increasing in both frequency and intensity, fraud prevention is becoming a key focus area for businesses. In the UK, we see a new brand of startups specializing in fraud detection and prevention emerging. This article will highlight some of the most innovative and effective fraud detection companies operating in the UK today.

These startups employ a variety of tactics and technologies to help organizations identify and prevent fraudulent activity. This includes everything from cybersecurity and artificial intelligence to behavioral analytics and risk management.

While the approaches may differ, the end goal is the same; to protect businesses and their customers from fraudulent activity. Here are 15 UK-based fraud detection startups doing just that.


Netcraft is an Internet services company based in Bath that provides Internet data mining and anti-cybercrime services. Founded by Mike Prettejohn, the firm specializes in cyber security, fraud detection, government services, and online portals. This unique blend makes it a key player in the fight against online fraud.

Torwood Consulting

Torwood Consulting specializes in IT software and services with a focus on fraud detection. By integrating technology and investigative principles, the firm helps businesses identify and prevent fraudulent actions.

Peak Telecom

Peak Telecom offers mobile communication and cloud solutions to keep businesses connected. This includes a suite of fraud detection services to help companies protect their sensitive data.

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Featurespace, founded by Bill Fitzgerald and David Excell, provides adaptive behavioral analytics technology and automated deep behavioral networks for risk management. This sophisticated technology helps financial institutions and banks detect and prevent fraud.


PORGiESOFT, a startup based in Cambridge, is founded by George Brown. By combining data, cybersecurity research, and artificial intelligence, the company provides solutions to problems in fraud detection.


GBG provides global digital identity and fraud solutions. Their mission is to create a world where everyone can transact online with confidence. These solutions are designed to validate and verify the identity of customers to prevent fraudulent activities.

GB Group

GB Group, founded by David Green and Trevor Burke, offers a series of solutions that quickly validate and verify the identity and location of customers. By leveraging advanced technology and data integration, the firm prevents fraudulent activity.

Robertson & Co

Robertson & Co is an investigation firm specializing in claims management, surveillance, fraud investigation, cyber search and training. The company focuses on detecting, investigating, and preventing fraud.


Lunio, founded by Neil Andrew and Segev Hochberg, focuses on surgically removing IVT, bots, and invalid users from all paid acquisition efforts. This helps prevent advertising fraud, ensuring that marketing efforts are not wasted.

Expert Investigations Group

Expert Investigations Group is a private and commercial investigation agency that provides covert surveillance and bug sweeping services. This ensures data security and aids in fraud detection.

Electronic Security Solutions

Electronic Security Solutions specializes in tailored security solutions for residential, commercial and public sector organizations. This includes effective measures for fraud detection and prevention.

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Roscom provides technology-to-technology financial risk assurance solutions. It specialises in Revenue Assurance, giving it a unique perspective on fraud detection in the finance industry.


BR-DGE, founded by Brian Coburn, empowers merchants by using payment orchestration to take control of the end-to-end payment journey. Central to its goal is fraud detection and prevention.


Arc53, founded by Alex Tushynski and Pavel Torbin, is an IT company that provides a tool for tracking and analyzing marketing performance. With fraud becoming a significant challenge in digital marketing, Arc53 helps businesses overcome this hurdle.

Radio Physics Solutions

Radio Physics Solutions, co-founded by Dana Wheeler, Douglas Dundonald, and Vito Levi D’Ancona, specializes in real-time concealed threat detection, providing solutions that are autonomous and unobtrusive. This is crucial for businesses needing to maintain secure environments.

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