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Who Are the Game-Changing FinTech Startups Influencing UK Finance in 2023?

In the realm of finance, technology has cracked open new possibilities and disrupted the traditional landscape. Fintech—the amalgamation of finance and technology—is a rapidly growing sector that has paved the way for innovation, competition and increased efficiency. This article focuses on 15 notable British FinTech startups, all of which are blazing new trails within the UK financial industry.

From cryptocurrency exchanges to mobile payment services, these companies are leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer superior services. We’ve collected a diverse sample comprising traditional financial services, payment processing, budgeting tools, investment platforms and more. Continue reading to learn about how these innovators are reshaping the UK’s financial scene.

Regardless of whether you are an investor seeking the ‘next big thing’, an entrepreneur seeking inspiration or a consumer just wanting to stay on top of the latest trends, gaining an understanding of these trailblazers will offer insight into the direction of the industry’s future.


Coinshape, a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange, stands at the intersection of financial services and technology. Coinshape streamlines digital transactions making it straightforward for users to trade cryptocurrency effortlessly.


With an aim to shield enterprises from financial crime, NorthRow use tech solutions for businesses to comply with related legislation. Founded by Adrian Black and Olli Astley, NorthRow is innovating within the compliance, software as a service (SaaS), and tech sectors.


MoneyScope offers a service that helps people improve their cash flow and secure an appropriate cash settlement in court cases. Richard Allum, the founder, has made this startup a major player in finance and wealth management.

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Tinderbox Working Capital

John Holden’s Tinderbox Working Capital provides an innovative approach to invoice financing with a software known as Tinderbox. They bring financial services and fintech together to help businesses manage invoice payments.


Moneybrain intertwines technology with real human financial experts to create something unique. By combining these elements, Moneybrain offers sophisticated financial and wealth management services.


Founded by Rémi Tuyaerts, Alluo offers a non-custodial mobile wallet that brings DeFi yields to neo-bank users, making mobile banking and cryptocurrency accessible and easy for everyone.


Started by Peter Simon Ellis, Lumon focuses on making overseas payments quick, effortless, and simple. Their place in the fintech industry arises from their excellent financial services and risk management capabilities.

Trusek Ltd

Developed by Chris Brown and Steven Hatton, Trusek Ltd aspires to revolutionize the financial technology sector with a new kind of digital banking platform that dramatically improves convenience and accessibility for users.

Growth Gorilla

Growth Gorilla helps innovative FinTech & financial services businesses catalyse growth. Their services really reflect the finance industry’s increasing reliance on tech-based solutions.


Co-founded by Jienya Feldman, CloudPay provides global payroll, treasury, and on-demand pay solutions to multinational organizations. CloudPay leverages the power of technology prowess to streamline payroll processes across borders.


Starting life as Loyalty Angels Ltd., Bink specialises in the design and programming of systems primarily engaged in the analysis. Lead by founders Greg Gormley and Lee Clarke, they offer a streamlined approach to mobile payments.


Co-founded by Christopher Rothschild and Kevin Caley, ThinCats supports the financial requirements of SMEs across the UK. As an alternative finance provider, they are contributing to the increased diversification within the finance sector.

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Started by Satish Kumbhani, BitConnect is an open-source platform for the Bitcoin and Crypto community. They have created a hub to buy, sell, and trade in cryptocurrencies, demonstrating the potential for self-regulation in the crypto community.


Lead by Jason Fitzpatrick, Jeff Hancock and Paul Tiley, coinpass.com is a UK Based Cryptocurrency Trading & Investment Platform. The startup merges traditional financial services with the need to accommodate a burgeoning cryptocurrency market.


Mi-Pay offers payment services for various businesses like mobile operators, virtual operators, prepaid card providers, financial institutions and media companies. Being a fintech startup, they are increasing the convenience and efficiency of payment services.

In conclusion, these dynamic British companies are disrupting the traditional financial industry, offering a refreshing wave of innovation and competition that is transforming the sector. As they rewrite the rules of finance, we can’t wait to see what the next breed of fintech startups bring to the table.

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