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Who are the Game-Changing Consumer Lending Startups in the UK?

The United Kingdom is known for its robust financial sector and strong financial technology (FinTech) sector. This strength is reflected in the country’s consumer lending sector, which has seen its fair share of innovation in recent years. A diverse range of Consumer Lending startups and companies in the UK are bringing fresh, innovative approaches to this traditionally traditional industry. These UK-based firms not only facilitate the extension of consumer credit through an array of lending products, but their innovative technologies are also guiding the way forward for the global financial landscape as a whole. Here are 15 consumer lending startups and companies contributing to the disruptive revolution of the financial sector in the UK.


Specialising in mortgage protection networks and advisory services, Stonebridge provides tailored solutions for clients in the Consulting, Consumer Lending, and Financial Services sectors. However, information about the founders is not readily available.


Oplo, co-founded by Alex Mollart and Michael Gray, is a thriving direct lender platform. It offers a wide range of financial products such as car finance, personal loans, and secured loans to stakeholders in the Consumer Lending, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, and Personal Finance sectors.

Everyday Loans Ltd

Co-founded by Danny Malone, Everyday Loans Limited carves out a niche by providing unsecured personal loans for customers in lower-prime and sub-prime sectors. They continue to play a pivotal role in the Consumer Lending, Finance, and Financial Services sectors.

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UCB Home Loans

UCB Home Loans shines in the Consumer Lending, Finance, Financial Services, and Lending sectors as a company that specializes in buy to let and residential mortgages. Information about its founders is not publicly available.

Provident Financial

Co-founded by Joshua Kelley, Provident Financial Plc is a leading British sub-prime lender. Often described as a “doorstep lender”, it is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire and actively participates in the Consumer Lending and Financial Services sectors.

Marks Out Of Tenancy

Founded by Ben Yarrow, Marks Out Of Tenancy offers a unique twist to the sectors of Building Material, Communities, Consumer, Consumer Lending, and Real Estate. Users can rate their landlord, letting agent, rental property, and neighbourhood.


Dynamo, co-founded by Seb McDermott and Ying Tan, is a multi-award-winning organisation touted as the finest specialist buy to let broker in the UK. The company operates within sectors such as Commercial Lending, Consumer Lending, Financial Services, Lending, and Real Estate.

Cornerstone Finance

Cornerstone Finance offers an impressive suite of services including mortgage, loan, pension planning, and insurance services. The financial services firm operates within sectors such as Advice, Commercial Lending, Consulting, Consumer Lending, Finance, and Financial Services. Information about its founders is not publicly available.

Home Financial

Home Financial plays a crucial role in the Consumer Lending and Financial Services sectors as a mortgage firm. It specializes in offering loan and lending services for first-time buyers and remortgages for residential properties. Details about its founders are not accessible to the public.

RSC New Homes

RSC New Homes, a mortgage advisory agency in the Consumer Lending, Financial Services, Lending, and Real Estate sectors, offers advice and consulting to help find mortgage, protection, and insurance products. At this time, information about its founders is not publicly available.

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Pia Financial Solutions

Pia Financial Solutions is a renowned provider of mortgage, remortgage, buy-to-let, advice, and financial services for homebuyers. Operating within sectors such as Advice, Consumer Lending, Financial Services, and Personal Finance, Pia Financial Solutions has yet to make its founders’ information public.

Evolution Funding

Founded by Jeremy Levine and Lee Streets, Evolution Funding is a frontrunner in the Automotive, Consumer Lending, Finance, Financial Services, and FinTech sectors. They offer motor finance solutions and dealer technology for generating leads, improving compliance, and selling more vehicles.

Corporate Asset Solutions

As a leading provider of asset finance services, Corporate Asset Solutions is making waves in the Consumer Lending, Finance, and Financial Services sectors. Information on the founders is not publicly available.

Regency Purchasing Group

The Regency Purchasing Group is shaping the Consumer Lending sector as it delivers spend control, compliance, and efficiency via its cloud-based, single and multi-site procurement system, RegencyIQ. Unfortunately, founder information is not in the public domain.

Sutherland Professional Funding Ltd

Sutherland Professional Funding Ltd is a unique solicitor lending company providing loans to the accountancy, insurance, and legal professions. It creates value in the Consumer Lending, Finance, Financial Services, and Lending sectors while the identities of the founders remain a mystery.


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