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Who are the Game-Changing Commercial Insurance Startups in England 2023?

Finmag.co.uk is providing a spotlight on 15 innovative Commercial Insurance Startups and Companies based in England, United Kingdom. The burgeoning InsurTech scene in the UK is marked by a surge of startups disrupting traditional insurance models and offering unique, digital-first solutions. Representing a broad segment of products and services, from auto insurance to risk management, these firms reflect the dynamic, customer-centric approach towards insurance in the modern age.

These companies are leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT data, and more to digitize processes, improve customer engagement and dynamically tailor policies to specific customer needs. In this list, we explore these promising startups, their unique value propositions, industries served, and the visionary founders behind them.

Read on to learn more about how these startups are shaking up the British commercial insurance landscape and providing new platforms and solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike.

CHP Legal Limited

CHP Legal Limited offers a multitude of legal services in the insurance sector primarily targeting stakeholders such as Insurers and Insurance Intermediaries. Their services include, but are not limited to commercial insurance, debt collections, Insurance, legal, life insurance.


Superscript, led by Annabel Mekelenkamp, Ben Rose and Cameron Shearer, designs business insurance products aimed at fulfilling the evolving needs of small businesses. Their industry coverage spans commercial insurance, cybersecurity, insurance and InsurTech.

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Humn.ai, founded by Alberto Romero, Chris Clarke, and Mark Musson, is an insurtech MGA that uses IoT data and geospatial risk models to calculate per-trip insurance premiums for commercial auto coverage.


Cytora, a brainchild of Aeneas Wiener, Andre Alzamora, and Joshua Wallace, is a configurable platform that allows commercial insurers to establish digital workflows through effective risk digitisation, evaluation, and routing processes.


InsurX, co-founded by Gilbert Harrap and Will Iles, is a digital marketplace for insurance, covering commercial insurance, insurance, InsurTech, and property insurance.


Fueled by Andrew Thomas, Harry Franks, and Sten Saar, Zego operates as a commercial motor insurance provider extending opportunities for businesses to self-employed drivers and riders.


Nimbla, directed by Flemming Bengtsen, is primarily focused on equipping small and medium-sized UK businesses with dynamic invoice insurance.


Fueled by the vision of Dani Katz and Jon Shapiro, Optalitix is a SaaS modelling platform designed for insurers and banks, enabling a wide variety of interactions with data from AI, auto insurance to education and venture capital.


Konsileo, pioneered by John Warburton, operates as a commercial insurance broker utilising technology to empower individuals and replace hierarchical management.


Oula.la, founded by John Sullivan, Mikael Quilfen, and Raphael Caruso, integrates On-Demand Insurance Solutions with their unique Paye™ Paid As You Earn offering, promising ‘A Better Way Than Banking™’ for their users.

Volante Global

Volante Global, under the leadership of Talbir Bains, provides a comprehensive range of insurance products and underwriting services, specialising in claims handling.

Tysers Insurance

Tysers Insurance delivers expert advice and specialist solutions on insurance and risk management.

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Antares Underwriting

Antares Underwriting is an insurance company that offers a broad range of marine, property, casualty & aviation underwriting claim services.

The County Group

The County Group is an insurance agency that offers personal insurance, business insurance, and financial services.

RiverStone International

RiverStone International operates as a reinsurance firm providing reinsurance recovery, claims, dispute resolution, and coverage litigation.

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