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Who are South Lanarkshire’s Game-changing Financial Services Startups in 2023?


South Lanarkshire, located in the heart of Scotland, is developing its place in the finance services industry with a host of upcoming startups. These companies offer a range of services such as banking, insurance, software, and financial consulting. Some of them not only aim to provide professional solutions to traditional financial issues, but also seek to innovate and reshape the industry with advanced technological applications. Let’s have a closer look at these financial services startups and companies from South Lanarkshire:

Thistle Credit Union

Thistle Credit Union is a financial institution that provides a multitude of services including digital banking, loans, insurance, funeral plans, and other financial services. As a banking, financial services, and insurance company, Thistle Credit Union is a crucial player in the industry, providing significant contributions to the local economy.

John Murphy & Company

Specialising in accounting and business support services, John Murphy & Company is a company that actively supports and helps businesses thrive. By offering accounting, banking, financial services in the service industry, they are working toward a better business environment in South Lanarkshire.

Kennet Equipment Leasing

Kennet Equipment Leasing is a company offering equipment finance for businesses. Their services allow businesses to increase their operational efficiency and productivity, thereby promoting growth in the region.


Equiom is a global trust and corporate service provider that assists organizations in building software from the ground up. They are leveraging their expertise in enterprise software, finance, financial services, and software to create innovative solutions.

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Adams Plc is an investment company primarily focusing on special investment opportunities within small to middle market sectors. Their strategic investment decisions and insights significantly contribute to the growth of finance and financial services industry in the region.

IOMA Group

IOMA Group, founded by Robin Bigland, is a financial services group providing wealth and insurance structuring services. Their technical expertise and quality support help individuals and businesses plan and manage financial resources more effectively.

Clyde Blowers Capital

Clyde Blowers Capital is an independent industrial investment firm. Their strategic investments and deep understanding of the financial markets are instrumental for businesses and industries in South Lanarkshire.


Alba, the novel challenger bank, is SME-focused and favours a high-tech high-touch bank relationship. They are embracing technology to provide better banking and financial services to their customers.

Mosaic Software

Mosaic Software is a leading provider of software solutions and web based services. Their banking, financial services, and software contribute toward more flexible and innovative solutions in the industry.

Wiseman Associates

Wiseman Associates provides a range of services which include contract administration, insurance claims, construction building, property management, and maintenance services. Visit their website at Wiseman Associates to learn more.

Glen Drummond Financial Accountants

Glen Drummond Financial Accountants, founded by Jim Gallagher, specialise in taxation, financial management training, information technology, and consultancy services. The firm’s accounting, consulting, finance, and financial services provide valuable support to individuals and businesses in managing their finances and tax obligations.


Skuvue is a financial management and customer service provider. Their online portals and services in customer service, financial services, and supply chain management are strengthening business operations and customer interactions in South Lanarkshire.

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Sharles Chartered Accountants

Sharles Chartered Accountants offers quality accounting and financial service in the region. Their expertise in accounting, finance, and financial services assist businesses and individuals in managing their financial matters more effectively.

Lincoln Commercial Funding

Lincoln Commercial Funding is an independent specialist consultancy providing commercial and business finance advice to SMEs. Their strategic advice in consulting, finance, financial services, and management consulting helps local businesses raise and manage their finances better.

Executive Benefit Services

Executive Benefit Services is a financial planning firm. Their services in finance and financial related matters help businesses and executives plan and manage their financial future effectively.

In conclusion, South Lanarkshire is home to an array of financial services startups and companies that are making significant strides in the industry. These companies not only provide traditional banking and financial services, but they also leverage technology to reshape the landscape of the financial services industry, making South Lanarkshire a key player in the industry.

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