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Who are Pioneering Auto Insurance Startups Revolutionising UK’s Industry in 2023?

The Auto Insurance industry in the UK is no longer the terrain of traditional companies. A myriad of new, exciting startups and companies have emerged in recent years, breathing new life into the market. Let’s look at 15 of these interesting Auto Insurance companies, all hailing from the UK, offering their unique value propositions and approaches to the industry.

Blazing the trail is H&R Insurance, a company that provides not only auto insurance but also taxi, commercial, building and cyber insurance services. They have successfully combined different types of insurance services into one platform, making them a comprehensive choice for many. Visit their website here.

H & R Insurance

H & R Insurance is an insurance startup that specializes in providing insurance to different sectors like commercial, taxi, cyber, along with providing auto insurance services. Their philosophy is centered around offering comprehensive insurance services for all sorts of needs. Check out their website here.

David J Miller Insurance Brokers

Offering consulting services alongside its insurance portfolio, David J Miller Insurance Brokers has made its mark in providing auto, leisure and commercial insurance services.

Entire Cover

Entire Cover is primarily a motorcycle insurance broker, though it also provides van and car insurance services, making it stand out among its peers.

Be Wiser Insurance

An independent insurance broker, Be Wiser Insurance has been noteworthy for its auto insurance services among others in the financial services industry.

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Abbey Insurance Brokers

Abbey Insurance Brokers offers a considerable range of insurance policies including car, home, GAP, travel, business, farm, van, motorcycle and taxi insurance.

MacKay Corporate Insurance Brokers

Offering both commercial and personal insurance services, MacKay Corporate Insurance Brokers has created a diverse portfolio catering to a wide range of insurance needs.


Kompare, co-founded by Andy Dean, provides instant motor trade and taxi insurance through an online application, making insurance more accessible and convenient for customers.

Accident Compensation Helpline

This claims management company, Accident Compensation Helpline, distinguishes itself with its specialization in accident compensations.

J Davy

Both an offline and online platform for buying new vans and used cars, J Davy provides finance and insurance services as well, establishing itself as a hub for vehicle-related services.

Automobile Association Insurance

Providing insurance brokerage services, Automobile Association Insurance is a prominent player in the UK’s auto insurance landscape as well as in the finance and health insurance sectors.


Co-founded by Greg Wilson, Quotezone helps customers compare UK car insurance quotes, becoming an invaluable tool for those shopping for car insurance.

Apricot Insurance

Apricot Insurance is a multi-service insurance provider that offers car, home, van, landlord, property, leisure and business insurance with a strong online presence. Check them out here.

Amet Insurance Solutions

Specialist in insurance underwriting and claims services, Amet Insurance Solutions has made a solid name for itself in the auto insurance industry. Visit their website here.

MIS Claims

Founded by Alan Baillie, MIS Claims provides auto, home and travel insurance services. They can be found online here.

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Colmore Insurance Brokers

Offering a range of insurance services including auto insurance, property insurance, business insurance, commercial insurance, and risk management services, Colmore Insurance Brokers brings a holistic insurance approach to the table.

These incredible companies signal the rapid evolution in the Auto Insurance industry, from the traditional systems to an age of innovative, customer-focused solutions. The future of Auto Insurance in the UK looks as exciting as it is diverse.

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