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Who Are Northamptonshire’s Most Influential Finance Startups in 2023?

It isn’t a secret that Northamptonshire is brimming with innovation and fresh ideas, particularly within the financial sector. Thanks to advances in technology and an accelerating entrepreneurial spirit, there’s been a rising wave of nifty finance startups popping up in the area. Ranging from online trading platforms and AI-powered conversational assistants, to travel insurance providers and recruitment agencies that specialise in accounting and finance roles – there’s a vibrant mix set to reshape the industry. Here’s our run-down on 15 such startups that have caught our eye.


StarFishFX offers an online platform for trading forex, CFDs, stocks, metals, and commodities. Making strides in the finance and financial services sector, the company provides convenient, flexible trading conditions backed by robust technology.


Humley uses AI and Natural Language Processing to power enterprise conversational assistants. Founded by Adam Harold and Michael Tomlins, Humley is delivering significant efficiencies across a range of sectors, including finance, customer service, and information technology.

Billing Finance

Established by James Mackaness, Billing Finance is a vehicle finance company that offers vehicle loans and financial services to customers. Navigating through the banking and finance landscape, Billing Finance gives customers the freedom to choose a vehicle and the means to finance it independently.

Staysure Group

Staysure Group, the brainchild of Ryan Howsam, is a travel insurance provider navigating the finance and insurance sector. It offers competitive rates, comprehensive coverage and reliable services.

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Offering vital support for local authorities, EQUITA LIMITED specialises in enforcement action and debt recovery services. Operating within the finance, credit, and financial services industry, EQUITA LIMITED delivers professional, efficient services to meet its business needs.

Barwood Capital

Being the brainchild of Joanna Greenslade, Barwood Capital specialises in real estate investment and offers development and asset management services as part of its portfolio. The company operates within the finance, asset management, and consulting sectors.


Invu offers software solutions and services aimed at increasing organisational control. Operating within the computer, finance and software sectors, Invu is helping businesses streamline their processes and improve productivity.

Finance Recruitment Solutions

Finance Recruitment Solutions is a market recruitment agency specialising in accounting and finance roles. Offering a specialist staffing solution for companies and candidates alike, FRS sets the bar for recruitment in this industry.

Link Business Group

As an asset brokerage firm, Link Business Group offers a wide range of finance products and loan scheme providers. Working within the credit, finance, and financial services industry, they are dedicated to providing personalised finance solutions.

DNG Dove Naish

Offering a variety of services, DNG Dove Naish is a firm of chartered accountants and business advisers specialising in accountancy and taxation services. They expertly guide clients through the often-confusing realms of accounting, tax, and financial services.

Phipps Henson McAllister

Phipps Henson McAllister is a firm which provides tax, payroll, compliance, consulting and business advice services. The company works within the accounting, advice, finance, and financial services industry, providing bespoke solutions to its clients.

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Clifford Roberts

Clifford Roberts offers a range of services including accounting, taxation, audit, payroll, corporate finance, and business valuation. The company operates within the accounting, consulting, finance, and financial services sector.

Kilby Fox

Kilby Fox is an accounting company that offers a diverse range of services such as auditing, assurance, taxation, bookkeeping, payroll, and forensic accounting. With its expertise, Kilby Fox is helping shape the finance industry in Northamptonshire.

Vincent Curley & Co

Expert in VAT, customs/excise duties and tribunal appeals among many other things, Vincent Curley & Co operates within the finance, financial services, and professional services sectors offering a comprehensive range of critical services.


Medialease operates in the advertising, asset management, finance, and financial services sector. Offering leasing and asset finance solutions to the broadcast media, digital cinema, live events, and concert touring industries, Medialease is helping shape the finance industry in Northamptonshire.

The vibrant diversity and dynamism of these fifteen Northamptonshire finance companies gives us a glimpse into the future of the industry. From integrating AI technologies to innovative recruitment strategies, these startups are challenging conventional norms, redefining customer experience, and shining a light on the potential of digital finance solutions.

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