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Who Are Milton Keynes’ Trailblazing Insurance Startups Shaping UK’s Financial Future?

The United Kingdom has long been a notable hub for financial innovation, and within this world, insurance tech start-ups have come to hold an increasingly important place. For those unfamiliar with the term, insurtech refers to innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model. One area with an interesting and often overlooked concentration of these start-ups is Milton Keynes in the UK. Here, we’ll be showcasing 15 of the most interesting insurance start-ups and companies that are making their mark in the industry.

These businesses operate in a variety of areas within the industry, from auto to property insurance, providing innovative services to both individuals and businesses. With an impressive range of technology-focused, innovative start-ups, Milton Keynes offers a tantalising glimpse into the future of the insurance industry, both in the UK and potentially worldwide.

The list of companies below offers a snapshot into this vibrant and rapidly evolving part of the UK’s insurance landscape, where these companies are driving significant changes, ensuring the national insurance industry remains competitive and well-positioned for the changes and challenges the future might bring. Here are our chosen 15:

Alfa Insurance Facilities

Alfa Insurance Facilities is a cutting-edge provider of commercial and personal insurance services. They specialise in offering solutions that meet the diverse needs of their clientele, positioning them as a leading insurance firm in the doing-commercial-insurance, financial services, and insurance sectors.

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V Woodcock and Co Insurance Brokers

With a wide assortment of car, house and commercial insurance services, V Woodcock and Co Insurance Brokers continues to uphold its reputation for delivering reliable and comprehensive insurance cover across Milton Keynes.

Collision Management Systems

Founded by Charles Smith, Collision Management Systems is democratizing access to corporate and sensor data to create a safer world. Their unique focus on automotive, insurance, and software industries sets them apart in the insurtech landscape.

Policy Expert

Policy Expert, created by Adam Powell and Tony Deacon, is a unique insurtech providing home and motor cover to 1.1m+ customers. They leverage proprietary tech and advanced data analytics to provide superior insurance solutions.

Personal Group

Personal Group is a financial services company offering innovative employee benefits and insurance products. As a disruptor in the employee benefits, financial services, information services, and insurance sectors, they are making waves with their unique services.


MIB is an auto insurance consultation company offering reliable claims assistance services. Their services are focused on the Auto Insurance, Consulting, Financial Services, and Insurance industry.


Providing life insurance and financial services, LifeSearch has carved out a significant niche in the insurance industry in Milton Keynes.

Home & Legacy

Home & Legacy provides insurance solutions for home, motor and landlord insurance policies. They also offer worldwide travel and building works insurance, demonstrating an impressive level of service diversification.

Aureum Finance

Aureum Finance specialises in investment loan and funding services, making them a versatile insurer with a broad clientele, serving the banking, finance, and insurance industries.

Scottsdale MoneyWise

Scottsdale MoneyWise offers a range of consulting services in the insurance sector, including business protection insurance, mortgages, investments, pensions, and tax planning.

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Visionary Finance

Visionary Finance represents a comprehensive solution for those looking for mortgage, financial, residential mortgage, remortgaging, and insurance services.

Cornhill Direct Insurance

Cornhill Direct Insurance operates across all sectors of insurance providing comprehensive services that have built their reputation as a leading provider of insurance services.

Rival Insurance

Rival Insurance is a well-regarded provider of motor fleet, commercial, taxi fleet, and courier insurance services.

Berkeley Morgan Group

Berkeley Morgan Group stands out for its innovative approach to insurance services and commitment to delivering exceptional service to their clients.

Equity and General

Equity and General is an insurance firm offering diverse financial services, including commercial insurance, mortgage, retirement and investment management.

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