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Who are Liverpool’s Groundbreaking Influencers in 2023 Financial Services Sector?

When it comes to financial services and innovation, one may not immediately think of cities outside London. Liverpool, though not as often in the limelight as the capital, is quietly growing into a hub for pioneering financial services companies and innovative fintech startups. From debt collections to digital retailers to insurance firms, Liverpool has it all. This article covers some remarkable financial services companies based in Liverpool that are making significant strides in their respective sectors.

Each company listed below not only adds value to its clients but also contributes towards the resurgence of Liverpool as a powerhouse for finance and technology innovation in the UK. They range from established businesses to promising startups, each carving a niche in their own respective specialties.

In no particular order, here are fifteen financial services startups and companies from Liverpool you should know about:

Cobra Financial Solutions

Founded by industry experts, Cobra Financial Solutions specialises in debt collection, debt recovery, insolvency, debtor tracing as well as forensic accounting and surveillance services. The firm is a leader within the financial services sector, specifically in the collection agency and debt collections industry.

The Very Group

The Very Group, founded by David Rowat Barclay and Frederick Hugh Barclay, is an integrated digital retailer and financial services provider. It has carved a niche for itself across various industries, including e-Commerce, retail, and retail technology.

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NextGen Planners

NextGen Planners‘ mission is to educate, train and support the future generation of financial planners. By developing a robust community of like-minded financial planners, they continue to drive growth within the financial services and education sectors.

WEALTH at work

Co-founded by David Cassidy, WEALTH at work is a leading provider of employee wealth management services and financial education in the workplace.

Acorn Insurance

Acorn Insurance, founded by Alan Keating and Martin Gowing, is a financial services company providing insurance for cars, taxis, motor trade and commercial vehicles.

Universities Superannuation Scheme

The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) is the sole corporate trustee of one of the UK’s largest pension funds operating in the education and financial services sectors.

Crowd Mortgage

Crowd Mortgage aims to revolutionise the real estate and financial services industry with the most innovative mortgage solution to hit the market in decades.


Marosa, founded by Pedro Pestana, provides pan-European VAT compliance services with a focus on tax technology integrations.

Arete Capital Partners

Arete Capital Partners is a family investment office that provides unique financial services.

Mann Island Finance

Mann Island Finance, specializes in vehicle finance services and is a key player in the finance and service industry.


Co-founded by David Zammit, VallettaPay is a financial services company offering payment solutions to transform legacy banking systems.

Griffiths & Armour

Griffiths & Armour delivers risk management services through a comprehensive insurance brokerage platform.


Brabners is a banking, finance and commercial law firm located in Liverpool providing clients with bespoke financial services.


RWinvest is a property investment company specializing in investment solutions in residential and student properties.

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Founded by Josie Ala, PayXenda is a fully digital Neo Bank providing banking, finance, financial services, FinTech, and payments solutions to help Africans home and abroad move money efficiently.

These fifteen companies are proof that Liverpool’s financial services scene is dynamic and on the rise. Each of these companies brings its own unique contribution to the sector, paving the way for further growth and innovation in Liverpool’s financial services landscape.

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