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Who are Leicestershire’s Most Influential Insurance Startups & Companies in 2023?

As one of the most populated counties in the United Kingdom, Leicestershire is home to numerous innovative and interesting insurance startups and companies. These organisations provide a range of service offerings, from standard home, auto and commercial insurance to specialised services in areas such as tax investigation and wealth management. This article spotlights some of the most interesting insurance ventures located in this region, providing an insight into their operations, industries and service offerings.

Leicestershire is more than just a hub of industry and manufacturing. A closer look reveals a burgeoning insurance scene with startups and companies providing financial services to individuals, businesses and various industries. From specialist insurance brokers to financial advisors and wealth managers, these organisations are making waves in their respective fields.

In this article, we explore 15 of these organizations, delving into their operations and services. To help you learn more about them, we have provided a short bio for each organization, including their names, websites, descriptions and the industries they operate within. Read on to discover the fantastic range of insurance and financial services that Leicestershire has to offer.

PSA Financial Services

PSA Financial Services is a company specialising in retirement planning, long-term care and family health services. They operate mostly within the financial services, health insurance, retirement and wealth management industries.

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Park Investments

Park Investments provides financial advice to clients and operates within the finance, financial services, insurance, personal finance, and retirement industry sectors.

Northfield Wealth

Northfield Wealth is a business offering services in financial planning, business owner insurance, retirement planning, income protection, and consulting within the business development, consulting, employee benefits, financial services, insurance, and wealth management industry sectors.

Humphries Insurance Agency

Humphries Insurance Agency, also known as “Your Hometown Insurance Agent”, is an independent agency serving the insurance needs of business owners and families, within the financial services and insurance industries.

Croner Taxwise

Croner Taxwise provides tax investigation insurance services, operating within the accounting, consulting and insurance industry.

Classicline Insurance

Classicline Insurance is a specialist insurance provider for cars, operating primarily within the auto insurance, customer service, and insurance industries.

TF Bell Group

TF Bell Group provides insurance, financial planning, and healthcare services, operating mainly within the healthcare and insurance industries.

Julie Price Insurance

Julie Price Insurance offers insurance services for autos, homes, property owners, commercial vehicles, tradespeople coverage, and travel, within the commercial insurance, consulting, employee benefits, financial services, insurance, personal finance, and property insurance industry.

Anthony James Insurance Brokers

Anthony James Insurance Brokers specializes in insurance for the construction, engineering, leisure, manufacturing, retail, and supply industries.

Independent Insurance Bureau

Independent Insurance Bureau offers expertise in delivering personal and commercial insurance services within the commercial insurance, health insurance, and insurance industries.

C R K Commercial Insurance Services

C R K Commercial Insurance Services provides comprehensive and tailored insurance services for the engineering and HVAC industries, operating within the commercial insurance, financial services, insurance and risk management industries.

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Wheatley Wright Insurance Services

Wheatley Wright Insurance Services is a Liability and Associated Risks Insurance Broker.

Intelligent Financial Advisory

Intelligent Financial Advisory offers financial planning, protection, and wealth management services to individuals and businesses, operating mainly within the advice, financial services, insurance, and wealth management sectors.

Ataraxia Broking

Ataraxia Broking provides fundraising, strategic planning, compliance, and marketing services, operating mainly within the accounting, compliance, insurance and marketing industries.

Barrett Corp & Harrington

Barrett Corp & Harrington is an insurance service company that operates within the financial services, insurance, property insurance and residential sectors.

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