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Who Are Leicester’s Powerhouse Insurance Startups Shaping UK’s Financial Landscape?

Leicester, a city known for its diverse culture and well-rooted history, is fast becoming a hub for innovative insurance startups and companies. Around every corner, there are well-established firms and nascent startups revolutionizing the insurance industry. With a knack for identifying gaps in the market and creating scalable solutions, these firms are contributing significantly to the growth and evolution of the country’s insurance sector. In this article, we take an in-depth look at some of the most exciting insurance startups and companies in Leicester.

BHIB Insurance Brokers

A leading name in the field, BHIB Insurance Brokers operates across advice, consulting, finance, financial services, insurance, and risk management. Having set a solid foundation in the insurance industry, the team at BHIB is committed to delivering high-quality brokerage services across diverse sectors.

Momentum Broker Solutions

Momentum Broker Solutions offers unique and tailored solutions to help new and existing insurance brokers grow their ventures. Operating in the sectors of financial services, insurance, professional services, and finance, Momentum’s cutting-edge solutions are designed to give their clients a competitive edge.


Offering services in financial services, insurance, and consulting, Brokerbility assists independent brokers in delivering insurance products. Their approach ensures that brokers spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on their clients.

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QAccounting is a versatile company specializing in accounting, insurance, and tax services. They provide high-quality, tailored insurance solutions, reflecting their commitment to excellence and attention to detail.


DeadHappy is an insurtech company that provides digital, pay-as-you-go life insurance services across finance, financial services, fintech, and insurance industries. Founded by Andy Knott and Phil Zeidler, DeadHappy is on the forefront of bringing insurance into the digital era.

Prism Network Ltd

Focusing on construction, insurance, and professional services industries, Prism Network Ltd offers disaster recovery and building repair services to insurance and property sectors in the UK. Founded by James Southerland, Prism Network is dedicated to providing swift and effective recovery solutions.

The Loughborough Building Society

The prestigious Loughborough Building Society covers a broad spectrum of services including mortgage support, financial planning, and insurance services. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they have earned a reputation for exceptional service and comprehensive insurance plans.

Furnley House

Furnley House, with its wide range of solutions spanning mortgages, investment management, life insurance, employee benefits, pensions, and financial planning services, is a one-stop-shop for financial services. Founded by John Woolhouse and Kevin Dunn, Furnley House continues to serve prominently in these spaces.

Berkeley Insurance Group

Providing comprehensive insurance services tailored to suit personal and business needs, Berkeley Insurance Group provides claim, corporate, real estate, construction, professional risks, cyber, home, and motor insurance services.

Andrew Bourne & Co

A staple in the commercial and health insurance sectors, Andrew Bourne & Co are professional, independent insurance brokers. They offer a broad range of insurance products and services tailored to both businesses and individuals.

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Turner Insurance Group

Turner Insurance Group provides an array of insurance brokering and financial advice services. With a strong expertise in commercial insurance, insurance, and risk management, the firm is reputed for its tailored and versatile insurance solutions.

Abaco Insurance Brokers

A leader in the business, property, and commercial insurance sectors, Abaco Insurance Brokers provides a range of risk management and insurance solutions. Their expertise helps clients mitigate risks and secure their businesses.

Intrusted Pension Services

As a financial firm offering SSAS registration, nominations, annual administration, and trustee services, Intrusted Pension Services shines in the asset management, insurance, and personal finance landscapes. Founded by Premal Prajapati, the firm offers a comprehensive range of services.

Trend Tracker

Working at the crossroads of the automotive and insurance industries, Trend Tracker is known for its diligent automotive industry research. Its insights have proven invaluable for businesses, making Trend Tracker a staple within the industry.


Compello offers a broad range of cars, vans, and speciality vehicles for rent. By operating in the automobile, insurance, manufacturing, and rental industries, Compello has cemented its place as a reliable and innovative manufacturing company.

From innovative insurtech startups to well-established firms, these Leicester-based companies are driving growth and innovation in the insurance industry. Leicester’s vibrant insurance scene is likely to continue its growth trajectory as more breakthroughs and advancements are made within the sector.

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