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Who are Hessen’s Top Pioneers Transforming the Financial Services Sector?

The region of Hessen, Germany, boasts a robust array of innovative finance services start-ups and institutions. Ranging from banking and insurance to asset management and IT finance, these companies bring a variety of financial solutions to businesses and consumers alike. The following list provides an insight into the various financial service companies that are shaping the future of finance in Hessen.

MRH Trowe

As an independent insurance broker, MRH Trowe delivers a diverse range of financial services. MRH Trowe’s industry knowledge and expertise in technical insurance has positioned the company as a leader in financial and risk management solutions.

VR-Bankverein Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg eG

Operating as a credit cooperative bank, VR-Bankverein Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg eG provides a wide range of financial products and services. Their blend of traditional banking with modern technology has allowed them to cater to the evolving needs of their clients effectively.

Sparkasse Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg

Sparkasse Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg offers a comprehensive range of banking services for both private and corporate customers. With a strong emphasis on utilizing digital technology, Sparkasse has managed to maintain a leading position in the financial industry.

Meine Bank

Meine Bank offers financial services ranging from corporate banking to expert financial advice. By prioritizing customer service and personalized solutions, Meine Bank continues to grow as a strong finance provider.


DVA operates as an industrial insurance broker, providing comprehensive financial services. Through strategic insurance planning and risk management, DVA equips companies with the necessary financial protection to thrive.

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Fahrni & Partner

Fahrni & Partner offers a wide range of financial services including accounting, taxation, business start-up advice, and corporate restructuring. Their comprehensive approach makes Fahrni & Partner an ideal financial advisor for businesses.

Creathor Ventures

Started by Gert Kohler, Creathor Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in technology-oriented companies. They have shown an interest in sectors ranging from health diagnostics to the Internet of Things (IoT), reflecting their adaptability and forward-thinking approach to finance.

Aqton SE

Founded by Stefan Quandt, Aqton SE operates as an investment holding company. Their financial expertise allows them to identify and promote high-potential investments.


Finbridge is a financial consultancy that assists banks with corporate management, financial engineering, and system integration. By leveraging their deep understanding of banking systems, Finbridge helps businesses optimize their financial operations.

DBB Data

Offering comprehensive financial services such as taxation, bookkeeping, annual financial statements, and advisory services, DBB Data is an essential partner for businesses of all sizes.


Taunus-Sparkasse provides versatile banking services. Their customer-centric approach and modern banking solutions continue to make them a trusted financial partner.

Miller Leasing

Miller Leasing offers innovative IT financing solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes. By embracing technology, Miller Leasing supports businesses with their digital growth.

MARS Asset Management

MARS Asset Management is a boutique investment firm, known for their independent and innovative approach to asset management.

Delton Health

Delton Health is a unique financial firm that specializes in strategic investments and management of health sector companies. By combining industry knowledge with financial expertise, Delton Health is helping shape the future of healthcare.

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DIGITALE DENKART is an investment company offering business consulting and IT services to corporate professionals. Their ability to align financial strategy with digital transformation sets them apart in the finance industry.

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