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Who are Hessen’s Rising Stars in Real Estate Investment in 2023?

Hessen, Germany has always shown aplomb in welcoming leading-edge startups and development prospects in the finance arena. The region has been revered for its strong economy and the investment-friendly environment it offers. Over the years, it has grown to be a promising hub for Real Estate Investment startups. Here is an overview of some of the avant-garde Real Estate Investment companies gaining traction in Hessen.

Each enterprise is marked by its unique approach toward real estate investment and its endeavours to make it a lucrative investment sector. Some excel in property development and management, while others lead in offering advanced digitised platforms and blockchain technology for smooth transactions. Let’s delve deeper into these innovator’s profiles and understand their workings.

These companies are actively remolding the real estate sector’s landscape by integrating technology with financial services and capitalizing on lucrative investment opportunities. Whether you’re an investor seeking new investment opportunities or someone merely fascinated by the finance world’s advancements, you’re sure to find these startups intriguing.

Francono Rhein-Main GmbH

Specializing in residential properties, Francono Rhein-Main GmbH is a thriving real estate company active in acquisition, development, and renting. Operating primarily in the commercial real estate and real estate investment fields, the company asserts its presence by providing reliable property solutions, whether it be for personal use or as an investment opportunity.

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As the vanguard provider of data rooms in Europe, Drooms excels in various realms. From asset management to information technology to real estate investment, it leaves no stone unturned. Founded by Alexandre Grellier, the company offers a secure digital platform for sensitive corporate transactions, strengthening its grip in the software and transaction processing industries as well.

Coreo AG

At its core, Coreo AG is an investment company that caters to nanotechnology companies. However, it also spreads its wings in the realms of financial services, fintech, real estate, and real estate investment. Headed by Marco Beckmann, the Frankfurt based enterprise stands as a venture capital firm that could revolutionise the investment sector of Germany.


StegX bridges the gap between institutional investors and professional real estate managers. Operating in both traditional and digital investment structures, the company is spearheaded by Daniel Radwansky. With expertise in blockchain, commercial real estate, consulting, cryptocurrency, finance, and real estate investment, it is a promising player in the market.

aam2core Holding

aam2core Holding is a force to reckon with when it comes to investment and asset management. Its vast range of services includes real estate, real estate investment, leasing, and property development, giving it a firm standing in the industry.

DIC Asset AG

DIC Asset is a prestigious real estate firm excelling in property management, property development and commercial investments. It transforms the landscape of real estate investment through its innovative apprach to managing and developing properties.

Kadens Capital

A prominent player in the financial services, real estate, and real estate investment sectors, Kadens Capital is a private equity firm that specialises in real estate. It offers lucrative investment opportunities tailored to meet the demands of the modern real estate market.

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OFB Projektentwicklung

OFB Projektentwicklung masterminds real estate project development, project management, and real estate management. Its strong foothold in the construction, real estate, and real estate investment sectors make it a leading enterprise in providing comprehensive real estate services.

CASE Corporate Finance

CASE Corporate Finance stands as a strong contestant in the financial services and real estate investment sectors. It provides top-notch investment banking and corporate finance advisory services. Their entries to the market has significantly enhanced the real estate investment landscape.

Deutsche Assets

Deutsche Assets specializes in making professional real estates more efficient, thus enabling higher deal flows. Founded by Dominik Dohren and Jan Hendrik Wehlert, the company’s expertise lies in asset management and information technology apart from real estate and real estate investment.

KanAm Grund Real Estate Asset Management

KanAm Grund is a known name when it comes to providing management and consulting services for institutional investors and family offices. With its strong presence in asset management and real estate investment, it resonates as a reliable company for investors seeking advice.

Silverton Group

Offering real estate investment strategies, loans, settlement advisory, asset management, and risk management services, Silverton Group is a multifaceted enterprise excelling in the realms of finance and real estate investment.

Vauru Investments

Vauru Investments revolutionises real estate investing by integrating technology and investment opportunities seamlessly. Founded by Mario Risteski, the company operates primarily in the finance, fintech, and real estate investment industries.

Deka Immobilien

Operating from Frankfurt, Deka Immobilien Investment GMBH is a reputable real estate company known for its proficiency in property management, real estate, and real estate investment. Its vast expertise has enabled it to transform the way investments are made in the real estate industry.

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Pure Invest

Pure Invest specializes in asset management, real estate investment, and project development services. This financial institution is revolutionizing the real estate investment industry by furbishing opportunities that make a difference. Its vast portfolio in financial services, impact investing, property development, and real estate investment makes it a company to keep an eye on in the future.

Each one of these companies has made a mark in the real estate investment industry, supporting the booming economy of Hessen and changing the realm of finance. Their innovative ideas and the successful implementation of these ideas position them as leaders in their respective fields, making Hessen’s real estate sector an exciting space to watch.

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