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Who Are Hessen’s Most Influential Leasing Startups Impacting Finance in 2023?

Hessen, Germany, is a prominent hub for numerous cutting-edge leasing startups and companies that are fundamentally changing how businesses and individuals approach temporary ownership and access to amenities, services, and assets. Spanning sectors as diverse as real estate, vehicular ownership, asset management, and even waste disposal these innovative firms are increasingly attracting the attention of local and international investors. This article presents an exploratory tour of fifteen of Hessen’s most interesting leasing startups and companies.

Though leasing as a concept isn’t new, its integration with novel, high-tech management systems, mobile interfaces, modular designs, and flexible services have pushed it into new market fronts. These startups and companies leverage digital innovation, responsive customer service, practical insight, and cross-industry collaboration to meet various client needs while diversifying their investment portfolios. Join us, as we delve into the intriguing world of these Hessen-based leasing startups and companies, offering a snapshot of their backgrounds, focus areas, and value propositions.

The Hessen leasing scene boasts a broad array of startups and companies, from those facilitating dynamic modular room solutions or flexible automobile loans to financial service firms extending technology, equipment leasing products, and real estate firms providing investment opportunities. Here are some companies you should know.


First in line is Sammie’s, a unique service provider focused on the niche market of barrel washing and cleaning rubbish bins. Stepping outside traditional leasing perspectives, Sammie’s incorporates elements of CleanTech, Consulting, Finance, Leasing, Mobile, and Software in their business model.

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AMTRA Mobilraum

AMTRA Mobilraum specializes in the design and construction of modular room solutions for temporary office and recreational needs. Their focus spans the Construction, Leasing, and Real Estate sectors.

Paccar Leasing

Delving into vehicular leasing, Paccar Leasing GmbH offers truck rental and leasing services.

VR Smart Finanz

On the financial landscape, VR Smart Finanz offers financial services, specifically tailored digital solutions and financing services for medium-sized companies.

BFL Leasing

BFL Leasing focuses on providing financial services including technology and equipment leasing products, vital for business development and the advancement of financial services.

aam2core Holding

aam2core Holding is an investment and asset management company that extends their services to the Leasing, Property Development, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment industries.

Bruton Capital

Another key player is Bruton Capital, which manages a diverse portfolio in real estate development, property leasing, investment, asset management, and property management services.

Honda Financial

An automobile industry stalwart, Honda Financial offers flexible automobile loans, leasing services, motor insurance, and debt protection services.


The real estate firm Kintyre, founded by Adam Pearce and Johannes Nendel, offers investment opportunities coupled with asset management, leasing, and project management services.

Deutsche Geothermische Immobilien

Engaging in real estate, Deutsche Geothermische Immobilien manages the acquisition, sale, leasing, and management of residential properties.

Schneider Automobile

On the automotive front, Schneider Automobile offers detailed and convenient services for buying, selling, and brokering used vehicles.

Austria Leasing

Austria Leasing provide comprehensive financing solutions for private consumers, corporations, and municipalities; spanning sectors like Construction, Financial Services, Leasing, Project Management, and Real Estate.

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officeTEC maintal

officeTEC maintal offers printing and contractual concepts services within the Customer Service, Leasing, Printing, and Rental spheres.

Capera Immobilien Service

Real estate firm, Capera Immobilien Service, focuses on property management, leasing, student apartments, and commercial estate.


Lastly, in the agriculture sector, Agrarius stands out as a management company for arable land, encompassing areas of Agriculture, Farming, and Leasing.

There is an exciting, dynamic range of leasing startups and companies in Hessen, Germany that are making waves within their respective industries. By continually innovating and diversifying their services, these companies hold the potential to reinvent the landscape of the leasing sector in the years to come.

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