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Who are Hessen’s Most Influential Accounting Startups Impacting Germany in 2023?

Accounting startups and companies have grown in importance in recent times, fulfilling crucial roles in various financial operations from taxation advice to modern bookkeeping technologies. They are revolutionising the financial landscape and helping businesses stay at the top of their game. In Hessen, Germany, these companies are plentiful and diverse, offering an array of services vital for modern financial needs. Here’s a look at some of the interesting accounting startups and companies that Hessen offers.

Fahrni & Partner

Fahrni & Partner can be found at https://www.fahrni.de. This company provides services in accounting, taxation, business start-up advice, corporate restructuring, and business advisory. Their commitment to maintaining the highest standards is reflected in their services.

DBB Data

DBB Data, found at https://www.dbbdata.de/, is a financial service company that offers taxation and bookkeeping services, along with wages, annual financial statements and consulting services. Their role in the industry has helped numerous businesses maintain their financial health.

Ansa Capital Management

Ansa Capital Management is a well-established company within the industry. They provide various financial services including asset management, investment opportunities, and consulting, constituting a comprehensive offering for any financial need.

ASL Angewandte Software Lösungen

ASL Angewandte Software Lösungen is a company specialized in implementing individual software and system solutions aimed at cost-saving. Their innovative approach allows them to contribute to the evolving international software industry.


T-grebe is an accounting software development company, contributing to the world of tech-enabled financial operations. Their software simplifies the accounting process, making it accessible and user-friendly for businesses of all sizes.


ARZ, which can be found at https://www.arz-darmstadt.de, provides innovative pharmacy solutions for prescription billing, applications, financial, and merchandise management services. Their services are highly specialized and cater to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Türner&co, located at www.tuerner.de, is a tax advisory firm that specializes in various fields such as corporate tax, auditing, financial accounting, payroll, transfer price advice, sales tax. Their expertise has often proven invaluable for corporations.

Buchhaltung Mühelos

Buchhaltung Mühelos is an online financial accounting platform designed for freelancers and self-employed individuals. The company offers convenient and efficient solutions for those who prefer the flexibility of remote employment.

Travel Easy Innovation

Travel Easy Innovation, available at https://www.tax-free-easy.com/, is a tax refund service catering specifically to European tourists with tax refunds and processes. Their unique service fills a niche in the market and facilitates smoother financial operations for tourists.

VR Factoring

VR Factoring is another noteworthy financial services company, accessible at https://www.vr-factoring.de. Their wide array of services covers the essentials of accounting, advice, banking, consulting, and finance.


FastBill is a web-based finance management tool for small businesses created by founders Christian Häfner and René Maudrich. Their service package includes everything a small business might need to maintain its finances efficiently.

Robert Half

Robert Half provides staffing, recruiting, finance, and accounting services. Their multi-faceted approach has made them a significant player in the industry, helping businesses with both their financial and human resource needs.

Schiff-Martini & Cie.

Schiff-Martini & Cie., available at https://www.schiffmartini.com/de/, offers a wide range of services including payroll accounting, financial accounting, auditing, tax advice, bookkeeping, and market entry services.

FiANTEC Provision Solutions

FiANTEC Provision Solutions, located at https://www.fiantec.de, stands out by offering consulting and accounting software services. They focus on providing effective and practical software solutions to manage financial processes.

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VOTUM provides tax returns, annual financial statements, accounting, audit, and advisory services to businesses and private clients. You can find more about their services at https://votum.eu/.

The companies listed above showcase the diverse capabilities of Hessen’s accounting startups and businesses. They cover a wide range of services in the financial sector, bringing along a new era of possibility and innovation within the industry. These are just a taste of the interesting accounting companies that Hessen, Germany has to offer.

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