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Who are Hertford’s Top Influential Commercial Insurance Startups in 2023?

The United Kingdom and specifically, Hertford, hosts numerous commercial insurance startups revamping the industry. These companies offer innovative solutions to common insurance problems and excel in various sectors. Commercial Insurance firms are vital in providing businesses with financial protection against risks such as liability claims, property damage, and employee-related hazards. Here, we highlight fifteen notable Commercial Insurance companies from Hertford.

These startups offer products and services that reflect the changing insurance landscape and the needs of today’s businesses. They are characterized by their innovation in risk management, tailored insurance products, and customer-centric operations. Each company featured has its unique value proposition and specialized approach to servicing their client base. Let’s delve into knowing more about these firms:

In no particular order, we present the selected fifteen commercial insurance companies based in Hertford:

Hamilton Leigh

Hamilton Leigh is an independent commercial insurance brokerage specializing in commercial insurance, insurance, property insurance, and risk management. Founded by Lee Cohen, Hamilton Leigh prides itself on providing tailored solutions and personalised services to clients.

IPH Insurance

Peter Wong Morrow founded IPH InsuranceAbout with a clear focus on offering home, business, and property insurance services. Their expertise makes them exceptional in the commercial insurance landscape.

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Oakwood Insurance

Oakwood Insurance specializes in providing both commercial and personal insurance services. They offer various products under commercial insurance, financial services, health insurance, and insurance industries.

Capital Markets Underwriting

Capital Markets Underwriting is an underwriting agency that caters to commercial and personal lines insurance products. Their commitment to high-quality underwriting and client service sets them apart.


Recognized for their services in the commercial, business, and industrial sectors, Bromwall consolidates its position in the commercial insurance, financial services, and service industry.

Ashbourne Insurance

Ashbourne Insurance provides a variety of insurance services, including home, business, travel, cyber and data liability, and commercial motor.

ACM Broking

ACM Broking stands out in providing a range of commercial insurance products with claims and risk management services.

Dolphin Maritime & Aviation Services

Dolphin Maritime & Aviation Services specializes in claim, coverage, and recovery services for the marine, aviation, and transport sectors.

Christopher Trigg

Christopher Trigg is a name to reckon with when it comes to business and property insurance services. Founded by Christopher Trigg, the company offers tailor-made insurance solutions.

WorldWide Hole’N One

Offering associated prize insurance and event insurance products, Worldwide Hole’N One serves a unique segment in the commercial insurance industry.

Duncan Clark Insurance Brokers

Duncan Clark Insurance Brokers caters to a variety of commercial insurance requirements and provides reliable insurance services.

EIC Insurance Services

As a commercial and household insurance firm, EIC Insurance Services caters to a broad client base and provides comprehensive insurance solutions.

Shearwater Insurance

Shearwater Insurance has carved a niche in offering horse, commercial, and equestrian insurance services. Their unique specialization sets them apart in the market.

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Daines Kapp Insurance Brokers

Daines Kapp Insurance Brokers specializes in providing commercial, private, and construction insurance services. Their industry-specific solutions are appreciated by clients from different sectors.

Innovation Broking

As the name suggests, Innovation Broking, founded by Howard Pearson, is an independent commercial insurance broker bringing innovative solutions to the insurance industry.

Indeed, these fifteen fresh and dynamic commercial insurance companies bring unparalleled customer-centric services and new paradigm to the insurance industry. Their determination to shape the future of insurance through their unique offerings makes them the pulse of Hertford’s insurance landscape.

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