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Who are Harrow’s Most Influential Financial Services Startups in 2023?

In the ever-growing business hub of Harrow, United Kingdom, many successful startups are making waves in the Financial Services industry. From tax management to fintech and everything in-between, these companies are reimagining financial processes, contributing to a digitally-enhanced economy. This article showcases 15 such companies at the forefront of financial innovation.

Each company in this article reflects the diversity of the financial ecosystem in Harrow, applying forward-thinking concepts to meet people’s financial needs and challenges. From established companies to growing startups, each one has its own unique strengths and contributions. So, whether you’re an investor looking for opportunities or an entrepreneur seeking inspiration, the Harrow financial scene has plenty to offer.

Let’s delve into the world of these thriving Harrow-based financial startups to understand the valuable services they provide and the potential impact they have on the broader economic landscape.

Sanctum Software

Founded by Mark Ellis, Sanctum Software is a specialist provider of Auto Enrolment (AE) technology supporting the consulting, payroll, and pensions administration sectors. It sits at the intersection of consulting, financial services, and software.

Liberty William

Liberty William is an accounting and payroll services provider. It leverages innovative accounting techniques to provide financial services that meet contemporary demands within the service industry.


Payset is an authorized e-money institution. The company aims to transform the way people manage their money by providing services like currency exchange, multi-currency accounts, and payments.

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Makesworth Accountants

Known for providing diverse services, Makesworth Accountants offers tax planning, accounting, outsourced bookkeeping, VAT, audit, and assurance services. Their commitment to excellent service delivery has made them a significant player in this space.

RDP Newmans

RDP Newmans provides a range of comprehensive services, including accounting, acquisitions, audit, bookkeeping, taxation, and payroll services. They are known for their versatile approach to financial services.

RA Accountants

RA Accountants specialises in providing accounting, bookkeeping, and tax advisory services. They focus on innovative solutions that cater to unique financial challenges.

Mayfair FX

Mayfair FX is a financial company that drives innovation in the payments industry by offering international payments and currency transfers services. They’re making a vital contribution to our increasingly globalized world.

3ES Accountants

Co-founded by Tushar Shah and Urvashi Shah, 3ES Accountants offers a broad spectrum of financial services. They offer tax planning, advisory, accounting, and financial solutions, making them a one-stop-shop for many businesses’ financial needs.

Investor Meet Company

Investor Meet Company provides valuable information to assist investors’ decision-making process regarding UK listed companies. As a key player in the Impact Investing and Information Services sector, they are dedicated to promoting informed investments.


Co-founded by Patrick Camilleri, WonderCharts is an online platform that empowers financial traders. It offers an array of services including learning resources, trade monitoring, analysis, and trading tools, all of which contribute to the EdTech, Education, Financial Services, and FinTech sectors.

Lawrence Grant

Lawrence Grant is an accounting firm that serves individual and business financial needs with a range of services. Their commitment to meeting client demands has earned them a reputatable place in the financial services industry.

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Inform Debtor is simplifying debt recovery with its international debt management system. The company operates at the nexus of Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Payments, catering to a significant challenge in the financial industry.

Malde & Co.

Malde & Co. offers a plethora of services including accounting, statutory audits, bookkeeping, payroll, management consulting, taxation, business planning, and legal services – thereby catering to a wide array of business needs.

Praddy Financial Consultancy

Praddy Financial Consultancy offers a variety of services including cloud accounting, business consulting, bookkeeping, payroll, and limited company registration services. Their wide range of services marks them as a staple in the financial services industry.

MMTI Accountants

MMTI Accountants is a trusted chartered accountant and tax advisory company. Their expertise and dedicated service delivery have made them a preferred choice among businesses seeking financial advice and accounting services.

These burgeoning companies reinforce Harrow’s potential as a major financial hub in the UK. Through their services, they are not only contributing to the local economy but also reshaping the wider financial landscape.

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