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Who are Derbyshire’s Top Game-Changing Insurance Startups in 2023?

Welcoming a few fascinating and promising businesses from the heart of England, we dive into Derbyshire’s insurance startup scene. These companies are reshaping the insurance landscape, offering an array of innovative products and services to customers. Showcasing the diversity within the industry, they are a testament to the sheer potential and creativity within the region. Let’s examine each one in turn:

In this list, we cover a variety of areas within the insurance landscape, from advice to estate planning and investment taxation. We included established organizations, innovative startups, and fledgeling businesses, demonstrating that Derbyshire is a vibrant hub of insurance-focused activity.

Each startup on our list was chosen for its vision, dynamism, and its contributions to the insurance scene in Derbyshire. Join us as we explore these remarkable establishments!

Harvest Associates

Harvest Associates, a Derbyshire-based company, provides investment products, mortgages, insurance, taxation, financial, and retirement planning services. Applying their innovative approach in the insurance industry, they stand out in their diverse service offering.

Peak Mortgages & Protection

Founded by Rhys Schofield, Peak Mortgages & Protection specialises in remortgaging, insurance coverage, bridge financing, and estate planning. They are committed to bringing simple, effective solutions to their clients.

Markerstudy Group

Markerstudy Group, founded by Kevin Spencer, brings energy and innovation to the auto insurance industry. Known for offering comprehensive coverage plans, they are an important player in Derbyshire’s insurance sector.

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Buckingham Insurance

Buckingham Insurance aims to provide a comprehensive, professional insurance service for businesses and individual customers, focusing on auto and commercial insurance.

DCJ Group

A notable name in the industry, DCJ Group offer commercial insurance, personal insurance, and risk management services, striving to provide complete protection to their clients.

Mortgage 1st

Founded by Jon Stones, Mortgage 1st is an advisory firm providing professional mortgage and insurance advice with a modern approach to helping clients.

HTC Associates

HTC Associates are an insurance brokerage firm providing consultation and insurance solutions for cyber, fleet, office, and businesses.

Belmont Regency

Belmont Regency, based in Derbyshire, offers tailored farm and general insurance services, becoming a staple of the agriculture insurance sector in the region.

The Mortgage Zone

Founded by Paul Simms, The Mortgage Zone provides thorough and comprehensive mortgage advice services, setting an industry standard in the region.

Smart Insurance

Smart Insurance specialises in the automotive sector, providing protective and insurance products that offer VAPs to dealers and OEM partners.

Nevett & Taylor

Nevett & Taylor operates as an insurance broker, specialising in personal and business insurance services.

MAF Finance Group

MAF Finance Group works tirelessly to support businesses access finance to help them grow, emphasising the insurance sectors’ role in the successful growth of local businesses.

School Advisory Service

School Advisory Service (SAS) supply staff absence insurance along with whole school wellbeing support in education, innovatively serving the education sector.

Somerville Financial Services

Somerville Financial Services offers financial advice to individuals and the corporate sector, mastering the art of personalised advice-pitching.

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Intersure Insurance Brokers

Intersure Insurance Brokers provide a professional, personal, and competitive service to commercial clients, striking a balance between value and comprehensive coverage.

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