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Who Are Colorado’s Most Impactful Lending Startups Dominating 2023’s Market?

The lending landscape has been drastically transformed in the past few years, thanks to an array of pioneering startups. In Colorado, a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, various lending companies have emerged, offering unique solutions tailored to meet specific financial needs. From traditional banking and credit unions to mortgage solutions and real estate investment companies, these organizations are revolutionizing the lending industry.

Apart from facilitating various financial services, these startups encourage economic growth, offering services extending to various industries including banking, real estate, credit, savings, and investment. In this article, we explore 15 remarkable lending companies from Colorado, showcasing their unique operations and contributions to the finance landscape.

Let’s dive in and examine these startups, examining their unique selling points, services, and how they are making a difference in the financial sphere.

First Southwest Bank

First Southwest Bank is a complete financial outfit that boasts a variety of services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, investment, financing, and go-green on-bill financing services. They operate in the banking, finance, financial services, and lending industry.

Valley Educators Credit Union

Valley Educators Credit Union focuses on offering financial products and services on loan and deposit accounts. Their operations extend to all sectors in Credit, Finance, Financial Services, and Lending.

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Farmers Bank

Farmers Bank specializes in consumer accounts, business accounts, and loans. They offer services in banking, financial services, and lending.

Custom Mortgage Solutions

Founded by Diane Skahill and Greg Skahill, Custom Mortgage Solutions focuses on providing borrowers with solutions that meet their individual demands, finances, and specific property type. They operate in the finance, financial services, lending, real estate, and real estate investment industry.

Space Age Federal Credit Union

Space Age Federal Credit Union is a complete financial institution offering a variety of financial products and services. They operate primarily in credit cards, financial services, and the lending sector.

Cash in a Flash

For quick loan services, Cash in a Flash delivers. They provide pawn and loan services in the financial services, lending, and sales domain.

August Investors

August Investors, a limited liability company, focuses on commercial real estate investment and lending.

United Mortgage Funding

Specializing in FHA, VA, conventional, and reverse mortgage loans, United Mortgage Funding offers bespoke financial solutions in the finance, financial services, and lending industry.

Fitzsimons Credit Union

Fitzsimons Credit Union endeavors to be a recognized leader in the community by consistently delivering an exceptional partner experience in the financial services and lending sector.

Appraise Colorado

For real estate valuations in the mortgage lending marketplace, Appraise Colorado offers irresistible solutions. They major in financial services, lending, and real estate.

Blue Sky Mortgage

Blue Sky Mortgage is a lending agency that provides loan and mortgage services for residential real estate. They operate in the credit, finance, and lending industry.

Abbey Mortgage & Investments

Abbey Mortgage & Investments offers loans for real estate properties, rental properties, and construction, operating in the commercial lending, financial services, and lending industry.

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Neat Capital

Neat Capital, founded by Luke Johnson, Christin Price, and Chad Lewkowski, enables clients to purchase homes with cash offers and close with financing in 10-15 days. They are part of the banking, consumer lending, financial services, fintech, and real estate industry. Visit their website for more.


Founded by Dave Sims and Michele Sims, Floify is a software solution for mortgage automation and point-of-sale securely streamlining the mortgage origination process. They major in commercial real estate, consumer lending, financial services, real estate, software, and software engineering.

Aloha Capital

Founded by Christopher Jones and Steve Sapourn, Aloha Capital specializes in hard money lending, bridge loans, investment management, fix and flip loans, and property investment services. Their operations extend to the credit, financial services, lending, and real estate investment industries.

In conclusion, these dynamic lending startups and companies from Colorado are defining a new era in finance and lending. They are being recognized for their unique and innovative financial products and services helping businesses and individuals to manage, grow, and secure their finances.

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