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Who are Bromley’s Most Influential Financial Services Startups in 2023?

In the recent times, the financial services sector has seen a significant transformation with many new startups emerging to offer innovative solutions to traditional finance problems. This change isn’t just seen in the major financial hubs, but has also reached smaller towns such as Bromley in United Kingdom, home to some interesting financial services startups. In this article, we explore some such companies based in Bromley that are changing the face of financial services through innovative and modern solutions.

Bromley has a strong presence of both start-ups and established firms in the financial services sector. The companies have been instrumental in employing cutting-edge technologies to solve problems in ways we never thought possible few years ago. The ideas and practices that have originated from Bromley could stand to have a big influence on us going forward.

We have picked 15 companies based in Bromley that are making strides in this sector. The companies we chose span a variety of services within finance, starting from insurance to proprietary trading to personal loan providers. Here they are, in no particular order, along with their details.


Scallop is a Defi powered neo-bank that offers a platform to manage digital money with a flexible, simple and easy approach. It was founded by Mindy Bejawn and Raj Bagadi and operates in the banking, cryptocurrency, financial services and PaaS industries.

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Direct Line Insurance

Direct Line Insurance is an organization with a clear mission: to make insurance much easier and better value for customers. The company was founded by Peter Wood and operates in the finance, financial services, and insurance industries.


OSTC is a global proprietary trading company that specialises in graduate recruitment, capital markets and trading businesses. The startup was founded by Jonathan Aucamp and Mark Slade.


TraderMade provides market data and technical analysis solutions to dealers within banks, corporations, financial institutions and operates in the analytics and financial services industries.

Intelligent Insurer

Intelligent Insurer is a publishing company that offers news and articles on reinsurance and wholesale insurance to brokers. The startup operates in the financial services, information services, insurance, news, and publishing industries.

BCR Publishing

BCR Publishing provides news, market intelligence, events and training for the finance industry. The startup operates in the financial services, information services, news, and publishing industries.

ZISHI Cornerstone

ZISHI Cornerstone provides financial training, education courses, personal development technology, and artificial intelligence tools. The company operates in the artificial intelligence, finance, financial services, productivity tools, and training industries.

Money to the Masses

Money to the Masses is a financial firm that offers savings, investments, loans, credits, mortgages, insurance, and tax services. The company was founded by Damien Fahy and operates in the banking, credit, financial services, and insurance industries.

Recoverable Solutions

Recoverable Solutions provides debt collection, consulting, county court judgment, legal proceedings, and insolvency services. The company operates in the consulting, debt collections, and financial services industries.

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DP Connect

DP Connect specialist in the field of payments, technology sales and development recruitment. The company was founded by Toni Cocozza and operates in the financial services, recruiting, and staffing agency industries.

Gissing Software

Gissing Software is a provider of a real-time financial software and services firm. The company operates in the financial services, information technology, real time, and software industries.


Novellus is a finance company that offers property loans, auction loans, short-term loans, and lending solutions. The company operates in the commercial real estate, financial services, lending, and property insurance industries.


Stars-investment.com offers financial products and services while serving as a fiduciary for businesses and individuals. The company operates in the consulting, finance, and financial services industries.

D-WAY Remit

D-Way Remit is a digital payments company that makes money transfers. The company operates in the financial services, mobile apps, and mobile payments industries.

GMT Finances

GMT Finances is an outsourcing firm that provides bookkeeping, financial forecasting, corporation tax, and cash flow management services. The company was founded by Marcel Frei and operates in the accounting, asset management, financial services, and outsourcing industries.

In all, it’s clear that Bromley is home to a range of innovative startups and companies, each capitalizing on specific niches in the finance and financial services sector. Their growth and development will certainly be worth watching in the years to come.

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