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Who are Brighton and Hove’s Most Influential Financial Services Startups?

In recent years, Brighton and Hove have become hubs of innovation in various industries, and the field of finance is no exception. Here, startups and established companies are using technology, data, and ingenuity to provide services that help individuals and businesses manage their money more efficiently and securely. Among these are several outstanding companies operating within the realms of Financial Services. This article shines a spotlight on 15 such companies making waves within Brighton and Hove’s finance ecosystem.

From a company like MyPocketSkill aiming to empower Gen Z financially to Conti which serves up financial services for properties overseas and SimplyVAT.com, a significant player in e-commerce services; these companies are carving out niches for themselves in the financial services sector. Without much ado, let’s dive into their stories, goals, and offerings. Read, learn, and perhaps, find inspiration.

These companies demonstrate the breadth and depth of the financial services scene in Brighton and Hove. They run the spectrum from edtech to insurance, from fintech to wealth management, and more. These are companies to watch as Brighton and Hove further establish itself as a center of financial services innovation in the UK.

MyPocketSkill Ltd

With a mission of creating a financially empowered Gen Z, MyPocketSkill is a startup worth noticing. Founded by Matthew Harker and Zara Ransley, it sits at the intersection of EdTech, Financial Services, FinTech, and Information Technology. A unique blend, indeed.

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Specialising in providing mortgages, loans and related products for properties abroad, Conti is a key player in the Financial Services, Insurance and Legal sectors.


For ecommerce services that check the crucial Compliance, Finance and Financial Services boxes, the expertise of SimplyVAT.com comes to mind. This company understands e-commerce like few others.

Skerritt Consultants

Skerritt Consultants is an excellent example of a wealth management company that doubles as a sound financial advisor. They are seasoned professionals in the Advice, Financial Services and Wealth Management industries.

EMC Management Consultants

EMC Management Consultants offers an impressive array of services. Their expert advice in business management and corporate finance is greatly valuable to many business owners and directors. A big name in the Accounting, Finance, and Financial Services sector.

Close Brothers Invoice Finance

A major provider of invoice finance for SMEs and other businesses, Close Brothers Invoice Finance has been doing great things in the Finance and Financial Services realm.

Lease Telecom

Providing leasing and financial services in the Financial Services, Leasing, and Service Industry is Lease Telecom. It’s a name synonymous with quality.

Wave Community Bank

Offering loans, savings account, mobile banking app, and other financial services as a non-profit community bank to be reckoned with, Wave Community Bank is setting a great standard in the Banking, Finance, Financial Services, Lending, and Non Profit sector.

Agutter Associates

As a chartered accountancy firm, Agutter Associates is setting a high bar in the Accounting, Advice, Financial Services, and Training sectors.


Automating web-based EU VAT services for professionals, euVAT has carved a niche for itself in the Financial Services sector.

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IEP Financial

IEP Financial is doing great work in providing life insurance and mortgage advice services in the Finance, Financial Services, and Life Insurance realm.

Money Advice Plus

As a registered charity organization providing financial advice and assistance, Money Advice Plus deserves recognition in the Charity, Communities, Financial Services, and Wealth Management sectors.

Wilson Sandford

Providing a variety of financial services including accounting, bookkeeping, payroll advice, compliance, business startup, retirement planning and taxation services, Wilson Sandford is making big moves in the Accounting, Advice, Compliance, Financial Services, and Retirement fields.


For residential and commercial landlord insurance services, iInsure365 is a name to reckon with in the Commercial Insurance, Financial Services, Insurance, Property Insurance, and Risk Management industries.


Last, but by no means the least on our list, is FinancialAdvice. They have created their presence by providing useful help and information on a broad range of financial topics. They are major players in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector.

Brighton and Hove’s financial services scene is diverse and growing, and the companies highlighted here are leading the way. From breaking down barriers to financial information to facilitating transactions across borders, these innovative enterprises are shaping the future of finance right here on the southern coast of England.

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