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Who are Birmingham’s Powerhouse Wealth Management Startups in 2023?

Birmingham, United Kingdom has become a hotbed for finance and wealth management startups over the years. These firms provide a range of services from financial planning, retirement solutions, tax advising to real estate property management. Each and every one of these companies has a unique approach to wealth management, providing customers with tailored financial solutions designed to meet their specific needs and goals. Here are 15 noteworthy startups and companies in the wealth management scene in Birmingham.

Succession Wealth

Succession Wealth is a firm that specializes in wealth management, financial management, and employee benefit solutions services. It was founded by Paul Morrish and has established itself in industries such as Employee Benefits, Financial Services, Professional Services, Retirement and Wealth Management.

Godwin Developments

Godwin Developments provides residential, commercial and real estate services, focusing on Commercial Real Estate, Property Development, Real Estate and Wealth Management. Although the founders are anonymous, its impact in the market is noticeable and significant.

Claremont Property Group

Founded by Manjit Deol and Perm Saini, Claremont Property Group is a notable wealth management company in the property management, real estate, and wealth management industry.

Keeley & Co

Keeley & Co is an advisory firm that offers services in financial planning, wealth management, and protection services with a holistic approach focusing in Financial Services, Insurance and Wealth Management.

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Pannells Financial Planning

Pannells Financial Planning, although the founders are unknown, is a consultancy that offers investment, automatic enrollment, employee benefits, and wealth management services. They operate primarily within the Consulting, Employee Benefits, Financial Services and Wealth Management Industries.

Elevation Wealth Management

Elevation Wealth Management provides financial planning services to deliver integrated financial advice for corporate & private individuals within Advice, Financial Service and Wealth Management industries.


IMVS, although the founders aren’t disclosed, is a cutting-edge wealth management software that streamlines front and back-office operations while enhancing client connectivity and communication. Their operations are primarily within Financial services, Software and Wealth Management industry.

First Financial Group Of The South

First Financial Group of the South is a financial planning firm that offers services such as investment management, retirement planning, and business strategy. The firm is known to operate within the Financial Services, Management Consulting, Retirement, Risk Management and Wealth Management industry.

Temple Row Wealth Management

Temple Row Wealth Management is a leading firm that provides financial and retirement services. The founders might be unknown but their impact in the industries of Accounting, Finance, Financial Services, Retirement and Wealth Management is strongly felt.

Thomas Anthony Wealth Management

Thomas Anthony Wealth Management, founded by Tom Theodorou, offers a financial planning service for mortgage, pension and investment needs within the Banking, Financial Services and Wealth Management industry.


BRWM offers investment advisory, wealth management, tax, and financial planning services to families, individuals, and trustees. Its impact in the Consulting, Financial Services and Wealth Management market is significant even though the founders are not disclosed.

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Barnett Ravenscroft Accountants

Barnett Ravenscroft Accountants offers accounting, tax, business startup support, wealth management, audit and corporate finance services. They’ve made a significant influence in the industries of Accounting, Finance, Financial Services and Wealth Management.

H-J Wealth Planning

H-J Wealth Planning, founded by Matthew Holden-Jones, is a financial advisory firm that provides investment management, asset allocation, and business strategies services within Advice, Asset Management, Financial Services, Professional Services and Wealth Management industries.

Robson Lister Wealth Management

Robson Lister Wealth Management, founded by Ian Robinson, is a financial planner that helps in retirement, tax planning, investments, and employee benefits. They significantly operate within Employee Benefits, Finance, Financial Services, Retirement and Wealth Management fields.

Lukeman Cave

Lastly, Lukeman Cave provides investment and property asset management services even though founders are unknown. The company significantly contributes to the industries of Asset Management, Property Development, Real Estate and Wealth Management.

The Birmingham wealth management sector is bustling with life and innovation, as evidenced by these interesting and noteworthy startups and companies. The city’s dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit shine through these firms, ensuring their clients are on the path to financial success.

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