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Who are Bedfordshire’s Most Influential Insurance Startups Shaping Market in 2023?

The booming insurance sector of Bedfordshire is home to an impressive range of startups and established companies that are innovating the industry with their unique services and products. Often overshadowed by the mainstream domains of technology, finance, and e-commerce, the significance and influence of the insurance industry are sometimes not given enough credit. This article sheds light on some of the interesting insurance-related startups and companies rooted in Bedfordshire, UK.

These companies span various industry segments such as equine welfare, income protection, commercial insurance, mortgage advisory services, and much more. Most of the firms offer a blend of traditional insurance services and more contemporary, innovative solutions tailored to today’s fast-paced lifestyles and digital requirements. The result is a robust insurance industry that caters to the diverse needs of individuals and organizations alike.

Let’s delve into these companies, explore their offerings, and get insights into the dynamic insurance scene in Bedfordshire. The following companies, listed in no particular order, serve as a representation of the different aspects of this crucial sector.


Equilibrium is a firm dedicated to improving equine welfare through innovative and cost-effective solutions. Founded by Margaret Donnelly, the company operates under the realms of the insurance, sporting goods, and training industry.

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British Friendly

With its roots in the finance, financial services, and insurance industry, British Friendly aims to provide as many individuals as possible with income protection insurance.

M&DH Insurance Services

M&DH Insurance Services offers a well-established and professional service to corporate and individual clients. The organization specializes in commercial insurance, insurance, and insurtech.

Bullerwell Independent Insurance Brokers

Co-founded by Ian Bullerwell, Bullerwell Independent Insurance Brokers offers a variety of services such as legal, construction, property owners, personal insurance, and high-value households services.

Mayfair Online

Mayfair Online operates within the commercial insurance, insurance, and life insurance industry, providing motor insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance, and life insurance services.

Holley Protect

Specializing in insurance and life cover, critical illness, income protection, private medical cover, and mortgage services, Holley Protect is a representative of the financial services, healthcare, insurance, and lending industry.

First Senior Group

The First Senior Group offers finance, insurance products, and services to its clients.

Twowaymarkets Ltd

Under the helm of Angus McCrone, Twowaymarkets Ltd provides trading solutions for its clients as they trade in global financial markets.

A W Financial Services

Specializing in accounting, advice, financial services, and insurance, A W Financial Services offers a variety of services such as accounting, tax consulting, and compliance services.

More Choice Mortgage Centre

The More Choice Mortgage Centre provides insurance advice, building, and contents insurance services.

Swift Mortgages & Finance

Offering financial services to its clients, Swift Mortgages & Finance operates within the finance, financial services, and insurance industry.


NICEIC offers a wide spectrum of services including consultation, contractor approval, certification, electrical and gas services.

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Chappell & Matthews

Chappell & Matthews is a real estate company providing insurance and property management services amongst others.

Zebra Mortgage Centre

The Zebra Mortgage Centre specializes in offering advice, commercial insurance and mortgage advisory services.

Plastics Windows Guarantee

Plastics Windows Guarantee operates within the realms of customer service, financial services, and insurance industry, offering insurance-backed guarantees and deposit protection supporting installers & homeowners across the UK.

These companies’ innovative approaches and diverse services contribute significantly to the overall insurance sector in Bedfordshire and indeed the UK. Together, they represent the dynamic, growing, and highly relevant nature of the insurance industry in today’s world.

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