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Who are Barnet, UK’s Most Influential Financial Services Startups in 2023?

When discussing financial services startups and companies, Barnet, United Kingdom, is not often the first place that comes to mind. However, the vibrant borough in the northern part of Greater London has proven to be a breeding ground for innovative financial services organizations. It has nurtured several companies delivering innovative solutions in various industries, such as tax and investment advisory, auditing, accounting, retail, and other financial services. The following is an exposition of these remarkable Barnet-based corporations, each contributing something notable to the financial industry.

When thinking about financial technology and innovation, one of the most exciting aspects is the intersection of finance with other technology sectors. REPX, Accendo Markets, and Kompare are perfect examples of this intersection. At the same time, startups like BBK Partnership, Davis Bonley, and Bell Maison maintain a strong blend of traditional financial services with the advantage of technological enhancements. On the other hand, companies like Valentine, Serenity Financial Planning, and Amex Associates focus on the human-centric side of finance, offering bespoke advice and consultation services.

Despite their diversities in scope and approach, what binds these companies together is their commitment to providing superior services and their willingness to leverage technology for better, more efficient financial solutions. Here is a detailed look at these establishments and what they bring to the table.


REPX, a global Reputation Marketplace, builds its fame on the marketing and sale of innovative retail and financial products. The visionaries behind this startup, including Alfredo Maria Villa, see enormous potential in using debit cards and financial services to harness the market’s space.

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BBK Partnership

Moving on, we have BBK Partnership. The company renders numerous services including accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, business planning, payroll, corporate finance, and tax planning. Their innovative approaches and vast range of services make them a mainstay in the finance industry.

Accendo Markets

Another leading light in Barnet’s finance industry is Accendo Markets. They leveraged the power of the internet with their online trading platform that specializes in offering CFDs, spread betting, and forex to a diverse clientele.

Amex Associates

Meeting the needs of businesses for accounting, taxation, and advisory services is Amex Associates. Trust them to offer practical and effective solutions to various accounting and taxation challenges.

Davis Bonley

Davis Bonley provides businesses with accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping services. Their relentless commitment to their work has earned them a spot on this list.


Let’s not leave out Valentine, a firm providing specialized corporate recovery and insolvency advice amongst other commercial advice services. Their client-focused approach sets them apart.

Jeff Lermer & Associates

Jeff Lermer & Associates delivers a vast range of accounting, audits and tax management services for businesses and individuals. Their broad service offerings reduce the stress of managing finances for their clients.

Kubilay & Co

Kubilay & Co offers its expertise in accounting and business solution services. It has made a name for being both versatile and dependable.


For those seeking instant motor, trade, and taxi insurance, Kompare is your go-to platform. Co-founded by Andy Dean, the platform is an exciting example of convenience meeting innovation.

RMS Accountants

Next is RMS Accountants, offering bookkeeping, self-assessment, tax planning, VAT and accounting services. Their attention to detail and client dedication makes them stand out in the sector.

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Bell Maison

For businesses in need of auditing, accounting, and tax services, Bell Maison has got you covered. They have solidified their position in the industry with their top-tier services.


Also deserving a mention is Ashings with their vast range of services, which includes accounting, taxation, mortgages, auditing, bookkeeping, and advisory. This broad spectrum of services provides their clients with a one-stop solution for many of their financial needs.

Serenity Financial Planning

Serenity Financial Planning is up there with firms that offer top-notch financial advice and investment advisory services amongst others, injecting serenity into the area of financial planning.


For financial management, accounting and taxation, and business support services, Cartwrights provides premium quality services that distinguish them in the industry.

Evans Mockler

Last but not least, Evans Mockler specializes in accounting, bookkeeping, audits, corporate tax compliance, payroll, taxation and business advisory services. Their comprehensive approach and dedication to excellent service make them a worthy mention in this lineup.

As you can see, Barnet’s financial service scene is alive and thriving. Its diverse collection of startups and companies contributes to its reputation as a favorable environment for innovation and creative solutions in the financial industry. This list might not be exhaustive, but it shows a glimpse of the city’s potential and the promise for future growth and development.

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