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Which Wokingham Financial Startups Are Shaping United Kingdom’s Economy in 2023?

The bustling town of Wokingham, tucked in the heartland of the United Kingdom, is fast-growing as a financial services hub. Known ideally for its quiet suburban appeal, Wokingham now hosts a range of financial startups that are making waves within the industry. From audit recovery service providers to financial consultancy agencies, we have scrutinised the town’s burgeoning finance sector and have carefully cherry-picked 15 distinctive finance companies and startups that are making their mark in their respective fields.

An interesting mix of established companies and budding startups, these organisations are redefining the concept of financial services, employing cutting-edge technology and innovative business principles to their models. Their expertise is extensive, including tax planning, risk assessment, financial outsourcing, insurance and more. In this collection of companies, you’ll find that Wokingham is quickly becoming a finance powerhouse in its own right.

Here’s a closer look at 15 of the most intriguing financial services companies based in Wokingham. We’ve provided a detailed overview of each one—including their industry focus, key services, and founders. By the end of this rundown, you will have a much better idea of how these startups are shaping the future of finance.

Harmony at Home Berkshire

Established by Norland Nanny and mother of three Frankie Gray in 2004, Harmony at Home provides a wide range of childcare services, including nanny recruitment, night nannies, maternity nurses, and parenting classes. Having a team of qualified childcare consultants means Harmony can provide personalized service to every family—a trait that has helped them build a solid reputation in the Nanny Agency Network.

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Space NK

Space NK is a luxury British cosmetics retailer which offers beauty products from around the world. As of February 2014 it has 62 stores in the UK and 23 in the United States.

Creative Lifestyle Planning

Creative Lifestyle Planning, an advisory firm, provides comprehensive financial services such as wealth management, retirement and investment review services. The creative approaches they apply enable them to advise on portfolio management at all stages of life.


As a key player in audit recovery, Twice2Much offers a broad range of services such as logistics, data mining, and financial compliance consulting. The company is known for its robust audit recovery reviews that help clients make informed financial decisions.

FLB Accountants

FLB Accountants offer an extensive suite of financial services including tax audits, financial outsourcing and consulting. Their advisory services are top-tier and have been instrumental in helping businesses maintain sound financial practices.

Horizon Currency

Horizon Currency operates as a financial company providing a variety of services such as payment and exchange rates. Their commitment to ensuring transparency in currency exchange transactions has garnered them much praise within the industry.

BJP Insurance Brokers

As their name predicts, BJP Insurance Brokers is a veteran in the world of insurance. The company offers risk management solutions and customised coverage plans, catering to multiple industries. Their consultative approach to insurance assures businesses in mitigating potential risks.

Whiz Accounting

Whiz Accounting provides premier accounting services along with taxation and business services. Their skills extend beyond financial record keeping to include business advisory and taxation services as well.

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Landlord Mortgages

Specialising in mortgage services for property investors, Landlord Mortgages offers a variety of financial services aimed at supporting their clients’ property investment endeavours.

Fraincis vienne ltd

The Fraincis vienne ltd works mainly in the provision of Finance and Operational Services. The services provided are carried out by a team of experienced Finance Directors and CFOs.

HOBBS Granger Roitt

A leader in Accounting and taxation services, HOBBS Granger Roitt powers businesses with their expert financial services that include business advisory, tax, and accounting.

Choice Accountants

Offering top-tier accounting and taxation services, Choice Accountants pride themselves on their client-centric approach. Their services range from traditional accounting services to bespoke business advisory and support services.

Cauta Capital

As an investment house, Cauta Capital offers crowdfunded, fixed-term asset-backed corporate bonds. They explore strategic investment opportunities within the real estate sector for their large network of investors.

Inchmead for Small Business

Inchmead for Small Business leads in the provision of accounting services for small businesses. The financial service provider has a profound reputation in equipping small businesses with essential accounting support.

These companies are just a sample of the many inventive and transformative startups exiting in Wokingham. Inspiring within their individual right, each startup is a testament to the vitality of Wokingham as an emerging financial services hotspot in the United Kingdom.

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