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Which UK Property Insurance Startups Are Shaping the 2023 Landscape?

The United Kingdom has a diverse and dynamic property insurance sector, comprised of a host of startups and established companies that cater to various customer needs. From car to home to travel insurance, these providers are leveraging innovative strategies to ensure their customers enjoy peace of mind. The diversity of the sector ensures that there is an insurance provider suitable for every prospective customer. Here, we explore a curated list of 15 interesting property insurance companies and startups based in the UK that have made waves in the industry, providing a breakdown of what they have to offer and how they stand out among their competitors.

Whether you are a homeowner, a renter, a car owner, a business owner, or even a yacht owner, this list will help you find the right property insurance provider for you. Each company brings something unique to the table, so each potential customer can find a company that matches their needs and preferences. The companies included range from a Personal and Commercial insurance service provider to an innovative Real Estate company offering insurance and property management services.

We’ll take a closer look at these companies, their unique offerings and what makes them stand out. This comprehensive review includes links to these providers’ websites, so interested parties can learn more about their services and get in contact with them.

FR Ball Insurance

FR Ball Insurance is an insurance brokerage firm that offers a diverse array of services. Ranging from auto to home, travel, marine cargo, farm, and motor fleet insurance, FR Ball’s varied offerings position them as a versatile leader in the commercial insurance sector.

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Pi-Property Insurance

As their name suggests, Pi-Property Insurance primarily deals with property insurance services. Their specific focus on property insurance lends them a particular expertise in this area of the industry.

Luker Rowe

Luker Rowe is an insurance agency that offers business, personal, AV, and event insurance services in addition to their property insurance offerings. Their broad scope of services ensures they cater to a variety of customer needs.

Austin & Wyatt

Unlike others on this list, Austin & Wyatt is a real estate company that also provides property management services, alongside their property insurance services. Their multi-faceted approach allows them to provide a comprehensive service portfolio to their customers.

Abbey Insurance Brokers

Abbey Insurance Brokers offer a range of insurance services including car, home, GAP, travel, business, farm, van, motorcycle and taxi insurance. Their expansive selection positions them as a comprehensive insurance service provider.

Crompton Bailey

Specialising in both commercial and personal insurance products, Crompton Bailey provides a suite of services to a broad customer base.

Shortland Parsley

An agricultural farm that offers property and service charge management solutions alongside their property insurance offerings, Shortland Parsley is founded by Walker Briggs and offers a unique combination of services.

Blue Rock Insurance Brokers

Blue Rock Insurance Brokers offers personal and business insurance services, showcasing a broad spectrum of offerings for various customer needs.

MacKay Corporate Insurance Brokers

Providing both commercial and personal insurance services, MacKay Corporate takes a comprehensive approach to service delivery.


Provincewide provides insurance services for home, personal, and commercial purposes, providing a holistic suite of offerings.

J Hatty & Co

J Hatty & Co. provide home, auto, commercial, property, and travel insurance products and services. Their wide range of services offers extensive protection to their clientele.

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Bond Lovis Insurance Brokers

Specialising in automotive and home insurance, Bond Lovis Insurance Brokers tailors its offerings to car owners and homeowners, providing personalised service delivery.

Smart Advice Financial Solutions

Smart Advice Financial Solutions provides mortgage financing, insurance, and investment guides. Their unique combination of services make them a leading player in the financial services sector.

Andrew Copeland Insurance

Providing property insurance in UK and Europe, Andrew Copeland Insurance serves a diverse clientele and covers a vast geographical area.

Apricot Insurance

Apricot Insurance provides a host of insurance services including car, home, van, landlord, property, leisure, and business insurance. Their wide range of services ensure clients enjoy comprehensive protection across multiple facets.

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