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Which UK Funding Platforms Dominated England’s Startup Scene in 2023?

As England continues to thrive as a leading global hub for startups, many entrepreneurs are sourcing funding from a variety of innovative platforms based in the country. These platforms allow entrepreneurs to connect with a vast network of investors, raise capital, manage securities and provide resources to future-proof their ventures. Here, we delve into some of the most unique English funding platform for startups that have their own way of catalyzing growth in the ecosystem.

The English startup scene has been characterized by constant innovation and transformative ideas carving new ways in the finance and tech sectors. A slew of English platforms are leading this metamorphosis, enabling startups to raise investments, implement vital legal processes, and foster connections with experts and advisors. By shedding light on their unique contributions, we highlight just how they’re empowering the growth of startups in England and beyond.

With an array of platforms each offering a broad range of services, entrepreneurs are spoiled for choice in deciding which to partner with. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to fund your budding startup, an investor eager to finance the next big thing, or simply an onlooker with a keen interest in the startup world, these innovative English platforms will surely capture your imagination. Here are 15 groundbreaking English funding platform startups and companies you should be aware of.


FundCalibre is an independent online research center and fund ratings agency. They tap into the realms of impact investing, prediction markets, and predictive analytics, giving investors insights into fund managers and their performance.

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Kerdos Ventures

Kerdos Ventures specializes in investing in early-stage enterprises with exceptional teams and visionaries at the helm. The firm plays a crucial role in business development, helping small and medium businesses prosper through adequate funding.


UK-based crowdfunding platform, Seedrs offers an innovative platform that connects businesses with investors. Founded by Carlos Silva and Jeff Lynn, the company has made a significant impact in the venture capital industry.


SeedLegals, founded by Anthony Drogon, Anthony Rose, and Laurent Laffy, simplifies the legal process necessary for companies to raise investment and distribute equity. Their platform offers a practical solution for startups and angels investors.


Connectd empowers founders, investors, and advisors to make and manage connections. Through its innovative product ecosystem, it’s been key in modernizing venture capital and investment sectors.


AllBright provides essential support and finance to female-led businesses. The unique platform supports women entrepreneurs to launch and scale their businesses, making headways in the Fintech sector.


Everfund, provides a unique developer fundraising platform for good causes. Founders Christopher Burns and Will De Ath are committed to utilizing business development and finance services for social good.


Enthuse was founded with a noble cause in mind – to help charities raise more for their causes. Today, it stands out as one of UK’s top providers of charity fundraising software and payment services.

PF Nexus

Leading the charge in renewable energy and infrastructure deal origination, PF Nexus underlines the importance of clean energy and sustainability in the funding landscape.


Taking invoice finance to new heights is Raise, leveraging technology to smoothen the cycle of invoice financing. Founded by Bea Stafford and Tim Bailey, the startup has modernized risk management operations.

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Envestors’ digital platform connects entrepreneurs with investors, offering an online marketplace for venture finance. Co-founders Nick Taylor, Oliver Woolley, and Scott Haughton, have digitalised the way in which high-growth companies raise equity investment.

Capital Pilot

Capital Pilot is changing the way companies and investors connect, offering a strategic platform for startups and angels to match and manage investments.


QVentures is a venture capital firm that presents direct investment opportunities to expand the startup scene. Founders David Mickler and Lex Deak offer a fresh take on traditional venture capital operations.


GraniteShares is an independent, fully-funded ETF company based in New York City. Under the stewardship of William Rhind, it has left an indelible mark on the asset management industry.


Quoroom provides businesses with a robust platform to effectively manage investment workflow, debt and equity securities. Founded by Denys Goncharenko and Ulyana Shtybel, Ph.D., it has strongly positioned itself in the SaaS and Fintech industries.

In conclusion, these innovative English funding platforms are reshaping the finance landscape and provide an increasingly diverse and valuable series of options for startups seeking funding. From female-led businesses to impact investing, they are driving innovation, enabling growth, and empowering the startup community.

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