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Which UK Funding Platforms Are Pioneering Finance Innovation in 2023?

The United Kingdom has become a hub for innovative startups in the financial sector. Particularly, the funding platform industry is booming with emerging companies that aim to provide unique solutions to funding-related problems. In this exposition, we will be showcasing 15 companies that encompass diversity in the kinds of services they offer, from healthcare-based funding initiatives to schemes that aid in the growth of startups.

These companies all have unique features that set them apart in the industry. While some provide advisory services in conjunction with funding solutions, others focus on specific areas like tax credits, alternative finance, or charity fundraising. What’s remarkable about them is that each one contributes to the growing need for financial solutions in its own unique way, helping to fuel the economy and support the growth of businesses across the UK.

The list is inclusive of a multitude of sectors, underlining the sheer versatility of funding platform companies in the UK. Brace yourselves as we embark on this fascinating exploration of 15 intriguing UK-based funding platform companies.


Access2Funding is a company that provides businesses with funding opportunities via channels like R&D tax credits, embedded capital allowances, and grants. Their key objective is to help firms and organizations grow and foster innovation. With an industry focus on financial services and advice, they certainly mark themselves as a dominant force in the funding platform sphere.

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In the realm of accounting and compliance, AMAS stands out with their varied range of services that include accounting, funding support, tax compliance, and advisory services. This company’s goal is to simplify financial complexities, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations.


Bringing charity and fundraising to the forefront, BoldLight offers CRM and CMS services as well as market research solutions. They primarily work to assist charities in their fund-raising endeavors, providing them the necessary tools and strategies for success.

Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB)

SEUPB is an organization that facilitates funding schemes for youth programs and community development initiatives. They operate with a goal to foster positive relations and empower communities via financial empowerment.

Fidelium Financial Planners

Fidelium Financial Planners provides a wide range of financial optimisation services that range from educational funding to risk management and wealth management. They endeavor to sculpt custom-tailored strategies that cater to the unique financial needs of individual clients.


As a personalized mortgage specialist, Torc24 offers consultancy and advisory services related to mortgages. They support clients through their new home ownership processes, focusing on smooth transitions and financing optimizations.


Donorflex is a software development company that provides charities and non-profit firms with CRM and fund-raising solutions. Their software development prowess sits at the core of their operations, providing essential tech assistance to fundraising initiatives.

City Side Ventures

Primarily focused on providing venture funds, City Side Ventures assists investor syndications across the US. With a keen focus on nurturing burgeoning companies, their role in the funding industry is indispensable.

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TCI Pathway Ltd (Business Growth Solutions)

TCI Pathway Ltd, based in Birmingham, offers angel investment and business support solutions. Founded by Safaraz Ali, this organization assists startups and businesses to expand their horizons and realize their growth potential.

Marlborough Fund Managers

Marlborough Fund Managers provide investment management services and advice to clients. They also provide fund accounting and fixed-interest schemes, offering a host of financial solutions to businesses.

Ideal Corporate Solutions

Ideal Corporate Solutions functions as a multi-faceted financial firm providing advisory services, funding solutions, restructuring, and insolvency services. They focus on offering optimal financial advice to businesses and corporations.

Imran Khan Cancer Appeal

The Imran Khan Cancer Appeal is a healthcare-focused organization, primarily aimed at raising funds to provide cancer treatment to underprivileged patients. Their critical role in healthcare funding sets them apart in the industry.

On Agency

On Agency functions as a comprehensive brand development agency providing CRM, print management, and strategy planning services. Their unique approach ties in with data capture, branding, and design to devise effective strategies.

Views For Change

ViewsForChange was co-founded by Michael Copeland, Nicola Telford, and Ozzy Flowers. As an impact technology firm, it allows customers to unlock donations in advertising campaigns, utilizing technology to facilitate fund-raising.

NTT Fundraising

Standing out as one of UK’s top telephone fundraising agencies, NTT Fundraising works to devise innovative fund-raising strategies for charities and businesses. Their commitment to optimizing fund-raising initiatives makes them a leader in their field.

Accessing funding can be a daunting process for companies and a critical hinge point for their growth. With the innovative solutions provided by these companies, businesses are being empowered to take control of their financial future. While these funding platforms may operate under diverse models and sectors, their shared goal of fueling economic growth is what consolidates them as significant contributors to the UK’s vibrant funding landscape.

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