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Which UK Debit Card Startups are Shaping the 2023 Financial Industry?

United Kingdom is home to an array of financial technology companies that are transforming the world of debit cards. Some of these companies, both up-and-coming start-ups and established firms, are using innovative technology and strategic partnerships to reimagine how debit cards are used in everyday life. This article showcases the 15 interesting debit cards companies that are revolutionizing the financial services in the UK.

In this world of instant, seamless transactional engagement, debit card usage and technology have undergone a massive transformation, and have emerged as an essential part of financial systems. Thanks to technology, we’re witnessing a profound diffusion of innovation in the UK’s debit card companies, resulting in a highly competitive, diverse and vibrant sector.

The objective of this article is to celebrate the incredible work these debit card companies are doing and any innovation they’re driving. Here’s a closer look at each one, along with what they offer and their respective website links for further information.


Founded by Alfredo Maria Villa, REPX is committed to building a global Reputation Marketplace through the marketing and sale of innovative retail and financial products. They operate in the Debit Cards and Financial Services industry.

PDQ Machines

Providing a comprehensive card payment system, PDQ Machines performs transactions on a debit or credit card. Their extensive expertise spans the Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Electronics and Payments industry.

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Optimus Cards

Founded by Marcel McCann, Optimus Cards offers a white-label debit card solution customised for banks, enabling payments for all. Their services include Debit Cards, Email and Financial Services.


AptPay provides chip and pin equipment for debit and credit card payment systems, along with commercial mortgages for business loans. They are active in the Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Payments industry.

Merchant Advice Service

Merchant Advice Service specializes in financial services, including Debit Cards, Finance, Financial Services and Payments.


Founded by Rana Mukherji, Goldbck offers an alternate payment method powered by gold-back rewards and pooled BigData infrastructure. The company operates in several industries including Consumer Goods, Debit Cards, Digital Marketing and Payments.

Card Data Management

Offering secure card payment services, Card Data Management is active in the Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Payments industry.


Located in Edinburgh, Dekka6 is a Debt Offset Company founded by Hilton Romanski, Joe Palermo Lake Charles, and Joe Todd. They operate in the Debit Cards and Debt Collections industry.

Handepay Merchant Services

Founded by Adam Sutherland, Andy Peake and Crystal Crystal Anderson, Handepay Merchant Services provides card payment services for small and medium-sized businesses. Their industries of operation include Credit Cards, Debit Cards, E-Commerce, and Payments.


SmarterPay offers direct debit management and card payment solutions for customers to organize, manage and automate payment processes. Their services cover the Debit Cards, Facility Management and Payments industry.


Founded by Peter Kirby and Will Smith, Tred builds carbon tracking debit cards and apps. They are active in the Debit Cards, Financial Services, and Fintech industry.

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Cleva is a prepaid debit card, app, and management platform for care agencies and legal teams. Their services span the Debit Cards, Financial Services, Fintech, and Payments industry.


Founded by Gary Wu, James Cox and James Dugan, Treecard is a green finance platform, allowing consumers to spend, save and invest responsibly. It operates in Banking, Debit Cards, Financial Services, Fintech and Sustainability areas.


Founded by David Duckworth and Sebastian Fallert, Ben aims to make benefits work for everyone, everywhere. The company operates in multiple sectors including Debit Cards, Employee Benefits, Fintech, Insurance and Payments.


Founded by Sami Start and Yeshu Agarwal, Transak provides onboarding infrastructure to make web3 applications accessible. Their industries of operation include Apps, Cryptocurrency, Debit Cards and Payments.

These 15 companies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creativity and innovation occurring in the UK’s debit card industry. Each one is adding value in ways we never dreamed possible a few years ago, and it’s exciting to think about what they’ll come up with next.

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