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Which UK Commercial Lending Startups Are Transforming the Financial Landscape?

The UK commercial lending space is witnessing an influx of innovative companies and startups that are changing the landscape with their unique offering. These entrants are striving to deliver efficient services leveraging advancements in technology, thus playing a significant role in the financial ecosystem.

Here are fifteen such noteworthy startups and companies from the UK’s commercial lending sector, providing vital services ranging from mortgage consulting, short-term business loans, financial technologies, to specialist finance brokering, that deserve recognition for their contributions to the financial industry.

We’ll introduce you to each of these companies, giving an overview of their services and industry. So, whether you’re an investor looking for up-and-coming names in the sector or a company seeking financial services, read on.


SoMo is a financial service provider offering brokerage loans in addition to lending and borrowing funds against both commercial and residential properties. They operate in the Commercial Lending, Credit, Crowdfunding, and Financial Services industries, providing a broad range of financial solutions.

Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants

Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants offer services catered for first-time buyer mortgages, finance, and insurance. Their expertise span across Commercial Lending, Finance, Financial Services, and Life Insurance industries, providing comprehensive financial services.

Funding Pool

Funding Pool is a lending company specialised in offering short-term, fast, cashflow, secured, and unsecured business loans without early repayment fees. They conduct business in the Commercial Lending, Financial Services, and Micro Lending industries.

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NRAM is a commercial lending company that provides property mortgages, loans, repayments, and various credit services. They serve customers looking for services specifically tailored to their credit needs.

The Mortgage Works

The Mortgage Works provides tailor-made mortgage services in the Commercial Lending, Consulting, and Financial Services industries. With their bespoke services, clients can find mortgage solutions that best fit their individual needs.

Victor Finance

Victor Finance is a financial firm providing a wide range of financial services, spanning across asset management, auto loans, and agriculture loans. They offer services across the Asset Management, Commercial Lending, and Financial Services industries.

Mortgage Compare

Mortgage Compare is a comprehensive financial company that offers mortgages, loans, refinancing, commercial lending, and insurance services. Their platform helps clients compare and select the right financial product.

Black Fox Finance

Black Fox Finance is a financial firm offering services ranging from asset management, commercial lending to financial consulting. They cater to a diverse clientele across the finance spectrum.


Dynamo, a multi-award-winning organisation, operates as a specialist ‘buy to let’ broker in the UK. With founders like Seb McDermott and Ying Tan, they are an influential player in the Commercial Lending, Consumer Lending, Financial Services, and Real Estate industries.


A financial technology company, OCEAN, operates in the Commercial Lending, Finance, FinTech, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management industries. Co-founder Vishal Harishchandra is helping to drive innovation in financial technology.

ABC Finance

ABC Finance, founded by Peter Hemming, is a specialist finance broker focusing on improving customer outcomes using technology. Their services cater to Commercial Lending, Financial Services, and Personal Finance industries.

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Cornerstone Finance

Cornerstone Finance offers a broad range of services including mortgage, loan, pension planning, and insurance. Their dedication to advice, commercial lending, consulting, and consumer lending sets them apart in the financial services industry.

XL Business Finance

XL Business Finance provides commercial lending, business development, and mortgage services. They are a prominent player in the Business Development, Commercial Lending, Consulting, and Financial Services industries.


Turnbridge specialises in offering services such as building loans, bridging finance, crowdfunding, property development finance, and commercial mortgages. These contributions have earned them a vital position in the commercial lending industry.

Thesis UNIT Trust Management Ltd.

Thesis UNIT Trust Management Ltd brings independent insight to collective investment schemes, operating within the commercial lending industry. Their services provide a unique perspective in the investment landscape.

In sum, these companies and startups are redefining the commercial lending sector in the UK. With unique business models and innovative services, they provide a myriad of opportunities for the businesses and individuals they serve.

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