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Which UK-based Bitcoin Startups are Making Significant Strides in 2023?


In the ever-evolving landscapes of fintech and digital currency, the United Kingdom is home to numerous innovative Bitcoin startups and companies. These enterprises leverage the power of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to offer a wide range of services – from enabling seamless digital transactions and crypto exchanges to promoting smart online shopping options. This article shines a light on some of the most intriguing British Bitcoin companies that are paving the way for the future of finance.

While the cryptocurrency market saw a soaring rise in 2020 due to the global pandemic and economic uncertainty, these companies remained at the forefront of innovation, offering unprecedented solutions, bridging gaps, and creating opportunities. They are not only reshaping how digital transactions are made but are also providing both businesses and consumers new ways to invest, earn, and trade in the crypto market.

Here’s an exclusive look at some of these groundbreaking Bitcoin companies based in the United Kingdom.


BitConnect is an all-encompassing cryptocurrency community platform that works in an open-source environment. Founded by Satish Kumbhani, this company lies at the intersection of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and FinTech.


Banxe is a next-generation fintech firm that converges cash and crypto. Founded by Anthony DiMarsico and Sasha DiMarsico, this company provides the freedom to exchange, receive, and pay in various ways.


Miboodle is a unique platform that helps consumers make money online. The company expands across industries like Advertising, Bitcoin, Online Portals, Personal Finance, and Virtual Currency.

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Coinbench, founded by James Mikkelson and Mark Mikkelson, allows merchants to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies. It’s an impressive venture in Bitcoin, E-Commerce, and Finance.

Solidi Digital Currency Exchange

Solidi provides a quick way to buy and sell digital currency in the UK. Jamie McNaught founded this Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, E-Commerce, and Fintech platform.

Duo Money

Duo Money is an interesting startup that operates solely with Bitcoin.


Ensembl, led by Graham Tonkin, uses machine learning and cryptocurrency to power content aggregation. With various focus areas, it is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin, Communities, Cryptocurrency, Education, Fintech, and Machine Learning.


Bitcoin-express is a platform that uses cryptocurrencies for everyday payments and fund transfers.


Vaultoro, founded by Joshua Scigala and Philip Scigala, is a digital assets and commodities trading firm. It emerges in Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Financial Services, Fintech, Precious Metals, Real Time, and Trading Platform industries.


BitFinding enables professionals and enthusiasts to invest their cryptocurrencies efficiently.


Bitoomba is revolutionizing the Bitcoin Casino Industry with engaging games.


ATFX founded by Joe Li, is an online broker regulated by the FCA(UK), CySec(CY), FSC(MU), & FSA(LLC). They provide an unmatched trading experience.

Keep3r BSC Network

Keep3r BSC Network is a decentralized keeper network project on binance smart chain.


UQUID, founded by Tran Hung, bridges between DeFi and E-commerce by creating a smart shopping environment in Web3 for both NFTs and physical products.

Crypto Next PLC

Crypto Next PLC, initiated by Asaf Azulay and Sharon Greenberg, is a digital currency platform and service provider expanding across multiple industries.

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The future undoubtedly belongs to digital currency. Each of the companies detailed above contribute in some way to charting that future, shaping and changing the face of modern finance.

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