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Which UK Asset Management Startups are Shaping England’s Financial Future?

As the financial sector enters firmly into the age of digital technology, Asset Management startups and companies in England, United Kingdom are increasingly leaving their mark. Their innovative digital techniques offer a unique twist to traditions within the asset management world. These groundbreaking companies are not just changing the face of finance across England, but also on a global scale as they foster opportunities for wealth creation and capital growth. Today, let us explore fifteen such companies that have set new benchmarks in the industry.


GIV-Capital provides online trading and asset management services with a mission to assist individual and institutional investors. This venture creates an environment conducive to a diverse range of trading capabilities and wealth management, making it stand out in the asset management and financial services industry.

Harcourt Capital

Harcourt Capital specializes in real estate property investment, development, asset management, venture capital, and private equity. Adding on, the company’s expertise in the property development and real estate investment sectors makes it a trusted name in the finance industry.

Anglesea Capital

Anglesea Capital offers a wide range of logistics in real estate investment and asset management services. It sets the benchmark in the banking and real estate investment industry with its confluence of versatile services and client-focused approach.

Navana Property Group

Navana Property Group, founded by Harry Fenner and Kelly Bream MRICS, is a reputed real estate firm. It offers a comprehensive palette of services, including property and asset management, consulting, property development and investment.

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LNG Capital

LNG Capital is a London-based European Credit focussed asset management company that stands out in the financial services industry with its strong emphasis on transaction processing and client service.

Frank Truman

Frank Truman is a distinguished name in the asset management field as it provides proficient property investment portfolio and property management services.


LendInvest, co-founded by Christian Faes and Ian Thomas, is a renowned marketplace platform for property finance. The company’s progressive initiatives in the asset management and FinTech industry are commendable.


Fasset is a digital asset exchange, co-founded by Daniel Ahmed, Mohammad Raafi Hossain, and Mohammed Al Sharaf. It provides people in emerging markets with access to the digital asset space, thriving particularly in the junction of asset management, blockchain and financial services.


Everledger, founded by Leanne Kemp, provides an immutable ledger for diamond and other asset ownership and related supply-chain history. In the asset management and finance space, its innovative digital media and insurance services sets it apart.


WealthKernel co-founded by Joe Campbell, Karan Shanmugarajah, and Yannick Brunner is a provider of enterprise infrastructure for businesses looking to offer cutting-edge digital investment services. The company is making significant strides in the FinTech and asset management industry.

Bite Investments

Bite Investments is an innovative FinTech company co-founded by Henry Talbot-Ponsonby and William Rudebeck. It provides software-as-a-service to asset managers to enhance the connectivity to investors. It is a unique entity in the financial services, FinTech, and wealth management industry.


Calastone founded by Ian Taylor and Philip Goffin, is a global transaction network for the mutual fund industry. It bridges the gap between finance and technology, offering state-of-the-art services in asset management and financial services.

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ZILO, co-founded by Philip Goffin and Venkatesh Pulla, offers innovative fund administration services. The company’s advanced software solutions make it a force to reckon with in the FinTech, asset management, and wealth management sectors.

CRED Investments

CRED Investments, co-founded by Chaitanya Shah and Jonathan Carr-Harris, uses artificial intelligence to invest in talent. The company’s unique blend of financial services, artificial intelligence, and sports-related investments sets it apart excitingly in the asset management world.


Darksquare, co-founded by Alex Whitney and Daniel Harman, provides access to unique investment opportunities typically reserved for hedge funds and the ultra-wealthy. The company continues to impress with its avant-garde approach to asset management, credit, and financial services.


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