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Which Stockton-on-Tees Startups Are Influencing the UK’s Financial Services Sector?

Stockton-on-Tees in the heart of the United Kingdom is a bustling hub of financial and tech startups, with a healthy ecosystem of businesses across different industries. From accountancy services and auditing firms to insurance agencies and digital currency data providers, there’s a vibrant mix of companies offering a wide range of financial services. This article takes a closer look at 15 such start-ups and companies, providing a brief background on each one, their specific area of service, and other related information.

These businesses are playing a pivotal role in the growth of the local economy; providing services that meet the diverse financial needs of individuals, businesses, and other entities. Many of them specialize in specific areas such as retirement planning, wealth management, tax planning, and business advisory services. They contribute to the financial services industry not only locally, but also nationally.

Without further ado, here are 15 fascinating startups and companies that are transforming the financial landscape in Stockton-on-Tees.

Benson Wood

Providing a broad spectrum of financial services, Benson Wood specialises in tax, accounts, audit, bookkeeping, payroll, and business planning services. They operate in the accounting, business development, finance, and financial services industry.

Belasis IFA

In the wealth management and financial services industry, Belasis IFA stands out as a provider of specialized, personal, and comprehensive advice for financial planning.

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FBTC Accountancy Services

For income tax returns, financial reporting, self-employment registration, and business planning services, FBTC Accountancy Services is a name to reckon with in the accounting, advice, and financial services sector.


Operating in the asset management, banking, finance, financial services, and retirement sectors, TISA UK is a unique, consumer-focused membership organisation.


Specializing in financial services, insurance, and outsourcing, UKinsuranceNET is an insurance agency offering a diverse range of general insurance and outsourcing services.

Joslin Rhodes

The pension and retirement plan offered by Joslin Rhodes provides retirement, pension, estate, equity, and investment planning advice. Its operations span the advice, consulting, and financial services sectors.

Vintage Financial Planners

In the financial services, insurance, and retirement industry, Vintage Financial Planners stands out with offerings like retirement planning, tax planning, pensions, mortgage, insurance, and investment management services.


As a financial services firm operating in the finance, financial services, and wealth management sectors, MERCURY WEALTH MANAGEMENT LIMITED specializes in wealth management services.

Baines Jewitt

Baines Jewitt is an accounting firm providing services like business & corporate tax planning, business strategy & offers management account services.

Adapt Financial Planning

Specializing in finance, financial services, and insurance, Adapt Financial Planning provides pension, investment, protection and estate planning services.


Coinometrics, a financial services and information technology firm, provides premium data services for digital currencies.

Davies Tracey

Davies Tracey operates in the accounting, consulting, financial services, professional services, and software sectors, providing services like accounting, audit, benchmarking, payroll, business planning, PAYE checks, tax, and VAT, and software services.

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Anderson Barrowcliff

As a provider of business advisory, corporate finance, taxation, and business start-up services, Anderson Barrowcliff makes its mark in the accounting, business development, and financial services sectors.

Prismatic Wealth

A specialist in the charity, finance, and financial services sectors, Prismatic Wealth is a financial planning advisor offering advice on pensions, investments, employee benefits, and savings and protection.

Select Financial Solutions

Select Financial Solutions is a financial planning firm that provides retirement planning and investment solutions, specializing in the advice, financial services, and retirement sectors.

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