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Which Stockport Finance Startups are Shaping the UK’s Financial Landscape?

The world of finance is ever evolving and continuously presents unique opportunities in investment, growth and technology. Over the years, countless startups have risen and are making waves in the finance sector. However, in a surprising twist, many of these upcoming successes are not found in London nor are they tied to the banks of the Thames. Rather, the place to be is Stockport, a large town in Greater Manchester. This constellation of finance startups has captured the hearts and wallets of many in the United Kingdom, and arguably, the world. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting and promising finance startups in Stockport.

1. MSL

MSL offers claims management services, legal expenses insurance and assistance insurances to insurers, brokers and self-insured businesses. It operates within the Finance, Financial Services and Insurance industry, with a prime focus on ensuring smooth running of finance related matters. MSL’s dedication towards top-notch service delivery to all clients makes it one of the most interesting startups in Stockport.

2. Sylvan Financial Management

In the Advice, Finance, Financial Services, Retirement industry, Sylvan Financial Management offers a comprehensive range of retirement and financial advice services, helping individuals to make informed decisions for a secure future. Its unique approach toward strategic financial advice has made it a standout among the startups in Stockport.

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3. MyPay

MyPay is a PAYE umbrella company specializing in freelance and contractor payroll in the Finance and Financial Services space. It has made significant strides in making payroll management easy for both contractors and freelancers.

4. Clarke Nicklin

Clarke Nicklin is a business accounting firm offering comprehensive financial planning, corporate finance, payroll, and accounting services.

5. UW Accountancy

UW Accountancy is an accounting firm that provides bookkeeping, tax returns, and payroll services to small and large businesses alike. It’s carving out a space as a trusted advisor in the Accounting, Finance, Financial Services industry.

6. DSG Financial Services

DSG Financial Services, an independent motor finance provider, is filling a gap in the Automotive, Finance, Financial Services industry in Stockport.

7. RTA Business

RTA Business specializes in aiding in the transfer and selling of businesses, helping them to capitalize on their real value in the dynamic markets.

8. DMC Recovery

DMC Recovery offers services in corporate recovery and forensic accounting, making it an exceptional name in the Accounting, Consulting, Finance, Financial Services industry. It’s the go-to company for businesses that are looking to navigate financial exhaustions and complexities.

9. Click Finance

Click Finance is an online portal that offers finance and financial services. It is a leading name in the world of virtual financial consulting.

10. Vehicle Consulting

Vehicle Consulting, dedicated to providing excellent automotive leasing services, is a household name in the Automotive, Consulting, Finance industry in Stockport.

11. Valour Group

Founded by Mark Bowker, the Valour Group offers loan comparison, unsecured loans, and PPI claims services to a wide array of customers, helping them to meet their financial needs effectively.

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12. Unity Auto Finance

Unity Auto Finance is a reliable car finance lender in Stockport, operating in the Advice, Customer Service, Finance, and Lending industry.

13. Prest Financial Services

Prest Financial Services, established by Graham Prest, provides expert financial advising to set strong financial foundations for individuals, businesses and organizations.

14. Johnson Reed

By specializing in equipment leasing and finance facility services, Johnson Reed has solidified its place as a leading figure in the Finance, Financial Services, Lending industry in Stockport.

15. Freedom Group

The Freedom Group operates in the Finance, Insurance, Property Insurance industry, offering top-tier property insurance services to a vast number of clients. Its exceptional commitment to providing financial security through insurance stands it out among the startups in Stockport.

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