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Which St. Helens Finance Startups Are Transforming the UK Industry in 2023?

St. Helens, a city in the United Kingdom, is home to a diverse group of financial services startups. Many of these companies have established their names by offering unique financial products and innovative solutions to complex financial issues. From investment management to accounting, insurance, and FinTech, St. Helens enjoys a rich ecosystem of financial businesses. Here are 15 interesting companies based out of St. Helens that are worth knowing.

Murdoch Asset Management

Murdoch Asset Management (website) is a firm specialising in investment management and financial advisory services. Their industry focus spans finance, financial services, asset management, and advisory services.

Loy Miller Talley, PC

Loy Miller Talley, PC (website) is an accounting firm with services encompassing accountant, financial planner, and tax preparation services.

PFG Money

With a footprint in apps, finance, and financial services, PFG Money is a global remittance and financial service provider.

Property Master

Property Master (website) has a unique business model where it matches funding requirements across actual lending criteria. The portal specialises in finance, financial services, and FinTech. It was founded by Angus Stewart.

Revival Solutions Group

As the name suggests, Revival Solutions Group (website) offers business solutions along with services like debt acquisition, capital development, credit supply, and consulting.

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Panton & Co

Panton & Co (website) is a financial service provider with services spanning accounting, finance, and financial services.

Brian Mole Independent Financial Advisers

Serving multiple facets of financial planning, Brian Mole Independent Financial Advisers (website) has services ranging from assurance and business insurance to investments and retirement planning.

Seneca Partners

Seneca Partners (website) is a leading investment firm, specialising in SME investment and advisory business. It was founded by Jeff Morton and Richard Manley.

Handepay Merchant Services

Handepay Merchant Services (website) is known for being a card payment services provider for small and medium-sized businesses. It was founded by Adam Sutherland, Andy Peake, and Crystal Crystal Anderson.

Merchant Rentals

Merchant Rentals (website) is another innovative startup working to provide tailored asset finance solutions for the payments industry.

Quick Capital

Offering flexible funding, commercial lending, credit, and business loans, Quick Capital (website) is a pioneering financial firm in St. Helens.

Bradleys Accountants

Bradleys Accountants (website) is a prominent accountancy firm known for their expertise in accountancy and tax services for traders and companies.

Wilkes Tranter & Co Limited

Wilkes Tranter & Co Limited (website) is a company specializing in various services such as accounting, audit, bookkeeping, consulting, payroll, taxation and business development.

Leek United Building Society

Leek United Building Society (website) is a renowned name offering savings accounts, residential mortgages and other financial services.

Fearns Marriott

Lastly, Fearns Marriott (website) offers a range of services in the field of accounting, tax, payroll and bookkeeping.

Overall, these companies in St. Helens showcase the multitude of financial solutions that these local businesses provide. From innovative remittance portals to asset management advisors and financial consultants, these startups are making an impact in their respective areas of operation.

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