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Which Somerset Finance Startups Are Revolutionising the United Kingdom in 2023?

It is our pleasure to introduce this year’s most innovative financial businesses that have thrived in Somerset, the English countryside, and made a strong impact on the world of finance. With a bustling finance sector, Somerset has notably risen to the occasion with thriving startups and established businesses consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and service provision. We will showcase 15 of these companies, providing insights into their unique contributions to the financial industry.

We’ll start by introducing the promising fintech startups that are revolutionising how we handle money through digital solutions. From there, we’ll explore companies that are providing groundbreaking financial services and platforms in diverse sectors like insurance, hotels, asset finance, and more. These companies all have one thing in common – they’re headquartered in the picturesque county of Somerset – but there is much more to them than just that.

Without further ado, let’s journey into the heart of Somerset and meet these intriguing companies that are rewriting the rulebook of finance.


Roqqett is a financial technology startup that aims to revolutionise personal spending habits. Co-founded by Glenn Smith, Roqqett operates in the fintech, financial services, and payments sectors, redefining the way we handle, manage, and spend money. Their imaginative approach to finance is a game-changer in the industry.

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Time Finance

Time Finance, an AIM-listed business, specialises in providing or arranging funding solutions independently. Serving in the Commercial, Finance, and Financial Services sectors, Time Finance offers much-needed services to businesses within and beyond the United Kingdom.

London & Country

As the UK’s largest independent fee-free mortgage broker, London & Country provides a much-needed service. They serve individuals and businesses in the life insurance, shipping broker, and other financial sectors.


Ascentric is a digital financial platform providing wealth management solutions for advisers. It offers exceptional service in the fintech, finance and wealth management sectors, with assets under administration.

Novia Financial

Offering a wealth management service for investment advisers and their clients, Novia Financial serves an important role in the financial services and advice sectors.

Catalyst Venture Partners

Specialised in funding businesses in the health, media and telecoms sectors, Catalyst Venture Partners is a corporate finance and growth consultation firm providing high-quality services in finance and venture capital.

Dancerace plc

Dancerace plc is a computer software firm offering cloud computing solutions, factoring support, invoice and business management operations in the finance sector.

Positive Cashflow Finance

Providing factoring and invoice financing solutions, Positive Cashflow Finance offers a robust selection of financial services for businesses of all sizes.

Zahara Madrid

Founded by Martin Peirce, the Zahara Madrid company is shaping the future of financial software sector by focusing on cloud computing among other innovative approaches to finance.

1pm plc

As a specialist in its industry, 1pm plc offers asset finance of equipment to a wide range of small and medium sized businesses, playing a crucial role in the growth and development of SMEs across the UK.

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Brownsword Hotels

The Brownsword Hotels brand is a notable player in finance sector, acquires privately owned properties and transforms them into high-end hotels under the expert management of the Andrew Brownsword Hotels group.


Seismi specializes in enterprise performance management, data management, reporting & analytics, and managed services, offering clients unparalleled financial software solutions.

Abney & Baker

Providing personalized home care services, Abney & Baker operates in the elder care, healthcare, and home healthcare sectors, combining care with financial considerations in an innovative way.

Morgan Financial Group

Providing personal and corporate financial services, Morgan Financial Group is vital in the consulting, advice, financial services and personal finance sectors.


A multi-faceted company in the automotive, finance, and sales sectors, JCT600 is a motor retailer that has made significant contributions to the UK’s automotive sector.

These companies, from various sectors comment on the versatility and robustness of Somerset’s financial scene. From startups to larger organizations, Somerset’s financial sector continues evolving, proving to be a fertile ground for innovation and growth.

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