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Which Nottingham Insurance Startups are Revolutionising the UK Industry in 2023?

Nottingham has a vibrant and growing ecosystem of insurance start-ups and established companies contributing to the country’s financial market. Each brings something different to the table, using their unique approaches to shake things and meet the diverse needs of their clients. What follows is an overview of some of the most noteworthy insurance companies in Nottingham, from exciting start-ups to well-established insurance giants.

These companies range from those specialising in a variety of insurance offerings, including auto, health, commercial, and life insurances, to companies providing more unique products, such as insurance intelligence, or breweries insurance services. Some have more focused profiles, while others are notably versatile, providing services in related sectors like banking, financial services, real estate, or risk management.

These companies are being recognised because of their digital savvy, focus on customer experience, competitive pricing, the effectiveness of their distribution channels, quality of products and services, use of advanced analytics, effective customer engagement channels, innovative business models, and customer-centricity.

RS Insurance Brokers

RS Insurance Brokers is a company that deals with both personal and business insurances. They specialise in auto, commercial, and health insurance products, dedicated to providing their clients with the best insurance solutions for their needs.

Pure Protect

At Pure Protect, the focus is on providing life insurances, critical illness cover, family income benefits, private medical insurances, and mortgage protections. Their dedication in delivering dependable insurance solutions to their customers makes them stand out in the industry.

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Percayso Inform

Percayso Inform, founded by Simon James, is an insurance intelligence provider that utilises information technology to offer advanced insurance solutions.


RightIndem, an insurance claims platform, is committed to enhancing the claimant’s customer experiences. The company was founded by David Stubbs, Graham Blaney, and Steve Weston, and offers financial services and software alongside its insurance offerings.

Capital One UK

Primarily a credit card provider, Capital One UK also has footprint in the insurance industry, demonstrating versatility in offerings.

Insurance Initiatives Ltd.

Insurance Initiatives Ltd. stands out for its unique data distribution platform that serves the insurance industry. The company was founded by Mark Crane, and Simon James.

Russell Scanlan

Russell Scanlan is a renowned independent insurance broker offering diversified insurance services. It was founded by Patrick Scanlan.

Vasek Insurance

Vasek Insurance is known for offering property and home insurance, catering for both commercial and individual customers.

CP Walker & Son

Founded by Charles Potter Walker, CP Walker & Son provides property management, real estate services, and arranges property insurance for its clients.

Clarke Dove

Clarke Dove is a provider of commercial insurance, private insurance, and brewery insurance services, exhibiting a unique mixture of insurance services.


MoneyQuest is a financial advisory firm experienced in providing mortgage and protection advice, remortgage, finance management services, and insurance to its customers.

Unique Insurance Services

Unique Insurance Services is aptly named, offering unique coverages for commercial properties, restaurants, vehicles, religious and household buildings.

Insolvency Risk Services

Insolvency Risk Services specialises in risk management and comprehensive insurance solution services, catering for businesses with a risk management component in their insurance needs.

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Wilson Organisation

Wilson Organisation is prominent for its provision of commercial insurance, risk management, and financial services, marrying these diverse services into one comprehensive offering.

Kingdom Bank

Kingdom Bank is a Christian bank that provides a unique array of services including savings, mortgages, and insurance services specifically designed to help churches grow.

In summary, Nottingham is home to a dynamic mix of insurance companies paving new paths in the industry, each contributing to the diversity and richness of the country’s insurance sector with their unique value propositions.

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