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Which Liverpool Finance Startups are Disrupting the UK Industry in 2023?

Liverpool, a city in the United Kingdom, renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, surprisingly happens to be the birthplace of several exciting finance startups and companies. Not confined to the traditional methods of banking and asset management, these companies are leveraging technology to provide innovative financial solutions to both individuals and businesses. In a city where industry and artistry blend seamlessly, these startups are emerging as the new face of finance, redefine the conventional concepts and practices of the finance industry.

From providing credit union services to managing wealth at work, online stock trading platforms to pan-European VAT compliance services, these companies are dealing with various aspects of finance. By offering a diverse range of financial services, these startups and companies are revolutionizing the landscape of Liverpool’s finance industry.

In the following sections, we’re going to review and appreciate some remarkable finance startups and companies based in Liverpool. They represent the promising professionals and creative minds of this city whose contributions are leading to a reformation in the finance sector not only in Liverpool but also across the United Kingdom.

Riverside Credit Union

Founded with an underlying principle of mutual self-help, Riverside Credit Union is a charitable organization that offers affordable financial services to its members. Operating within several industries, including finance, lending, and non-profit, they provide an excellent platform for individuals who face financial difficulties.

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WEALTH at Work

Co-founded by David Cassidy, WEALTH at Work stands as a leading provider of financial education and employee wealth management services in the workplace. They work in various sectors such as education, finance, financial services, and wealth management to bring about a positive change in employees’ financial behaviour.

24Option Trading

24Option Trading primarily focuses on binary options, offering a sophisticated online stock trading platform. They are transforming the world of finance and FinTech by making stock trading more accessible and straightforward.


Co-founded by Pedro Pestana, Marosa offers a unique blend of finance, technology, and consulting services. They specialize in providing pan-European VAT compliance services, aiding companies with their VAT obligations within the European Union.

Bibby Line Group

Bibby Line Group is a diverse and forward-looking family-owned business. Operating within finance, retail, and shipping sectors, they cater to a broad range of financial needs in the industry.

Mann Island Finance

As a financier, Mann Island Finance caters to various business and personal requirements providing comprehensive vehicle finance services.

Brothers of Charity Services

In the domain of education and finance, Brothers of Charity Services support individuality, choice, rights, and aspirations through their extensive services.


Founded by Josie Ala, PayXenda surfaces as a fully digital Neo Bank, aiding Africans home, and abroad, to move money better. They excel in the banking, finance, FinTech and Payments industry.

Mitchell Charlesworth

Mitchell Charlesworth, through their diversified services in accounting, finance and financial services, provide adept business advisory services to various firms.

Hope Capital

Catering to various loan requirements, Hope Capital, founded by Jonathan Sealey, excel in bridging finance, investment loans, property loans and commercial lending services.

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iXpert offers information technology and financial management services for the medical and legal sectors. They are defining new standards in the finance industry.

Sandfield Capital

Sandfield Capital provides unique financial solutions to legal claiming issues by offering robust funding services.

Malthouse & Company

Malthouse & Company master in offering business accounting, tax planning, auditing, and financial consulting services, making finance tasks uncomplicated and efficient for businesses.


BWMacfarlane provides audit and accounting services, playing a crucial role in maintaining transparency and accountability in the financial operations of businesses.

Seneca Investment Managers

Seneca Investment Managers specialise in multi-asset value investing, providing a modern approach to the traditional practice of asset management.

The companies mentioned above are playing essential roles in developing Liverpool’s burgeoning finance industry. As they continue to grow and innovate, they are not only contributing to the regional economy but also making their presence felt on a national scale.

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