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Which Liverpool-based Accounting Startups Are Reshaping UK’s Financial Landscape?

In the burgeoning and fast-paced world of finance, fresh and innovative pioneers are emerging with each passing day. From humble local beginnings to state-of-the-art technological interventions, these diverse startups are shaping the landscape of accounting enterprises in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Here, we shine the spotlight on fifteen noteworthy, trailblazing accounting firms that are uniquely driving the future of financial services.

From delivering traditional bookkeeping services to providing specialized tax technology for pan-European VAT compliance, these firms are expanding the accounting landscape and changing the face of finance forever. Considering the financial hub that Liverpool has become, it is no surprise that such a variety of accounting startups has emerged to take centre stage. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the world of Liverpool’s accounting scene.

We’ve delved deep into the workings of each of these fifteen startups, focusing on their diverse service offerings, their industry of focus, and how they are reshaping the dynamics of the accounting world.


Marosa is a firm that provides pan-European VAT compliance services, focusing on tax technology. Founded by Pedro Pestana, the company operates within the accounting, consulting, enterprise software, finance, financial services, and software industries. Marosa’s innovative approach to handling VAT compliance sets it apart in the financial landscape.

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Sterlinx Global

Sterlinx Global, founded by Ariful Islam and Raj Ali, provides eCommerce accounting and Pan EU Tax, SaaS, and professional services. The company is a major player in the accounting, customer service, e-commerce, SaaS, small, and medium businesses, and software sectors.

Mitchell Charlesworth

Mitchell Charlesworth offers finance raising, payroll, chartered accountant, and business advisor services, carving a name for itself in the Accounting, Finance, Financial services, and Wealth management industry.

HS Administrative Services

HS Administrative Services offers services like pensioner payroll, pension accounting, project management, scheme administration, and data services. The team operates within the Accounting, Office Administration, and Project Management sectors.

TJMG Properties

TJMG Properties provides association management and brokerage services, marking its presence in the accounting, communities, property management, real estate, and rental sectors.

Axia Sports & Media Group

Axia Sports & Media Group stands out for its unique focus on providing an ‘no fuss’ accounting and business management advice service for YouTubers, Vloggers, and new media entrepreneurs. The group operates in the accounting, media and entertainment, and sports sector.

Malthouse & Company

Malthouse & Company offers financial consulting services along with accounting, tax planning, and auditing. The team serves the accounting, consulting, finance, and financial services industries.

LBW Chartered Accountants

LBW Chartered Accountants specializes in small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) accountancy, providing tailored financial services.


DSG offers a comprehensive suite of services including accounting, audits, corporate finance, tax, payroll, wealth management and consulting services, making it a solid competitor in the Accounting, Consulting, and Financial Services industries.


BWMacfarlane provides audit and accounting services. The firm’s focus lies within the Accounting, Finance, and Financial Services sectors.

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Langtons is distinguished by its sole aim to assist clients in achieving their financial ambitions. Langtons operates within the Accounting and Financial Services industry.


SB&P is a leading company that provides accounting, payroll, audit, tax preparation, tax planning, compliance, and advisory services. They serve within the Accounting, Advice, Compliance, Finance, and Financial Services industries.

Jonathan Ford & Co

Jonathan Ford & Co offers super-friendly services at fixed prices, marking its unique position within the Accounting industry.

LJS Accounting Services

LJS Accounting Services offers an extensive array of services including bookkeeping, forecasts, payroll, company formation, business start-up, VAT, advisory, and taxation services. They operate within the Accounting, Advice, and Financial Services sectors.

Sue Matthews & Co

Sue Matthews & Co provides accountancy and tax preparation services, earning their place in the Accounting, Finance, and Financial Service markets.

In an increasingly digitized and technologically advanced world, these stalwart accounting firms stand at the forefront, embracing change and driving financial innovation. Each of these firms, with their unique services and industry focus, is playing a vital role in redefining the accounting and financial landscape in Liverpool and beyond.

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