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Which Kingston Financial Startups Are Influencing the UK’s Services Sector?

Kingston upon Thames is home to some of the most innovative financial services startups and companies in the United Kingdom. These companies are meeting the needs of today’s financial industry by providing unique services and groundbreaking solutions. Here at FinMag, we’ve explored and compiled fifteen of these standout companies doing business in Kingston upon Thames. Let’s delve in and explore these trailblazers.

These companies span various sectors within the financial services industry, offering everything from wealth management and investment services, to tax and accounting services, to tech-driven solutions. Many of these companies have leveraged technology to deliver their services, leading to increased efficiency and improved customer experiences.

We will shed light on each of these companies, providing a brief summary of their mission, services, and founders where available. We hope this piece serves as both an informative guide for individuals and businesses seeking financial services and an inspiring showcase of Kingston upon Thames’ thriving financial services landscape.


ieDigital is a global provider known for their innovative online and mobile solutions for financial service organisations. Founded by Rami Cassis, the company operates in the Banking, Financial Services, Information Technology, and Software sector.


Islamicly offers an app-based stock screener aimed at facilitating halal equity investments. Their application provides real-time market information, updates, and trade alerts for convenience and effective investments.

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Hudson Valley Financial Services

Hudson Valley Financial Services is an independent financial planning firm in Kingston, New York. They offer a wide array of services in consulting, financial services, and insurance.

Holland Hahn & Wills

Holland Hahn & Wills specialises in wealth management, evidence-based asset management, and retirement planning. The firm was founded by Chris Hirsch C and Simon Ainley.

Keystone Wealth Management

Keystone Wealth Management, founded by David Carter, is a financial services and wealth management company in the Professional Services and Wealth Management sector.

Prospect Consulting

Prospect Consulting is a specialist financial research and investor relations agency located in Kingston upon Thames.

Osbornes Accountants

Osbornes Accountants caters to small and medium businesses. Their services include bookkeeping, accounting, VAT, and tax services.

Intangible Business

Intangible Business is a valuation firm specialising in brand valuation, IP, and intangible assets.

David Howard

David Howard is a distinguished accounting firm that offers taxation, payroll, and financial services.


Launched by David Walker, Avantia is an insurance firm marching in with the mission to make insurance available to everyone, by eradicating complexities of pricing risks.

Rolvi Trading

Rolvi Trading provides investment and marketing services in the Analytics, Arts, and Trading Platform sector, employing cutting-edge thinking like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology.


Syscap specializes in IT leasing and asset finance, conveniently tapping into the Financial Services and FinTech industry.

Figueira Chandler Associates

Founded by John Figueira and Laurence Chandler, Figueira Chandler Associates is an accounting firm providing financial services and consulting.

Your Mortgage Decisions

Your Mortgage Decisions is a financial institution offering mortgage consultancy and financial services.

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Alderwick James & Co

Alderwick James & Co, set up by George Alderwick, is a professional accountancy practice firm. It offers a broad range of services including tax, accounting, business development, and wealth management.

In conclusion, Kingston upon Thames boasts a vibrant financial scene populated by startups and established companies alike. Here at Finmag, we salute these businesses for their innovations and tenacity in navigating the financial services industry and serving their clients exceptionally.

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