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Which InsurTech Startups Are Redefining the UK’s Financial Landscape in 2023?

In today’s rapidly advancing technological age, the traditional insurance sector is undergoing a significant transformation thanks to innovative InsurTech startups. These burgeoning companies are shaking things up with data-driven decision making, customer-focused services, and sophisticated software solutions. In the United Kingdom, several notable startups stand out for their novel approaches and groundbreaking services. Let’s take a closer look at 15 such InsurTech companies that are revolutionising the insurance industry.

M&DH Insurance Services

M&DH Insurance Services is an established InsurTech startup that specialises in commercial insurance solutions, providing a professional service to both corporate and individual clients in a variety of sectors.


BrokerIQ is a customer engagement platform constructed particularly for the insurance and mortgage broker industry, significantly improving customer interaction and communication.

Keys Finance

Co-founded by Owen Graham, Keys Finance is an independent financial brokerage that offers accounting, cash flow management, and legal advisory services.

Link Big

With co-founders Nadav Raviv and Yinon Werner at the helm, Link Big has developed a smart link capable of transforming general mobile web links into personalised user experience links, improving customer interaction in the digital space.

Axia Partners

Known for acquiring technology-driven companies, Axia Partners is focused on growing these companies in their respective niches or markets.


Insurecom provides specifically tailored technology and infrastructure solutions for the general insurance industry.

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Founded by Harry Stirling and Thomas Woollard, Bunk has created a marketplace that empowers peer-to-peer renting for landlords and tenants.

World Global Technology

Co-founded by Zeev Afriat, World Global Technology is an IT consultancy/company focusing on InsurTech solutions.


Co-founded by Bob Brown, Paul Templar, and Richard Brown, VIPR is an award-winning provider of sophisticated software solutions for the insurance market.


Founded by Goncalo de Vasconcelos, Rnwl is a digital insurance wallet that represents the future of InsurTech.

SBS Insurance

Providing household insurance claims services, SBS Insurance offers a valuable tool for both insurers and policyholders alike.

Quote Me Today

Quote Me Today is a commercial insurance broker operating in the motor trade, commercial vehicle, and business sectors.


Co-founded by Adam Smith and David Janczewski, Coincover is a cryptocurrency insurance-backed technology that protects digital assets from hacks and human error.


Founded by Sandipan Sen, TropoGo is creating an integrated marketplace for everything related to drones and UAVs.

Action 365

Action 365 provides high quality outsourced services for insurers and brokers, simplifying processes and improving efficiency.

In conclusion, these InsurTech startups in the United Kingdom are leveraging technology to revolutionise the traditional insurance sector. With their innovative solutions, customer-focused services, and game-changing products, these companies are sure to keep the insurance industry vibrant, dynamic, and constantly evolving.

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