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Which Influential Hillingdon Startups are Redefining Financial Services in 2023?

In this vibrant sphere of finance, where traditional modes of operation are rapidly being overthrown by innovative financial technologies, there’s a marked proliferation of Financial Services startups & companies in the United Kingdom. Particularly in Hillingdon, there’s a burgeoning scene of such establishments that have taken the country by storm with their unique contributions in the industry. Today, we bring to you an exclusive rundown of these remarkable startups and companies whose services extend well beyond the scope of what one might expect.

From niche providers of financial services and bespoke online banking solutions to those offering lending programs, accounting services, and mortgage advice, the digital and brick-and-mortar landscape of Hillingdon’s finance sector is a one-stop shop for some of the UK’s most intriguing financial startups. It reflects the dynamic scene of the local industry where businesses are not just thriving, but also setting notable benchmarks.

Without further ado, let’s delve into our carefully curated list of these fascinating startups & companies and give you a glimpse into their world of financial solutions and services.


CFS-Zipp is at the forefront of the digital payment solution industry with its impeccable offering of e-payment solutions and easy-to-use-online banking technology for both businesses and individuals. Having carved out its niche in theFinancial Services, Online Portals, and Payments industry, CFS-Zipp is a force to be reckoned with.

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Plane Saver

A not-for-profit financial co-operative, Plane Saver offers an impressive range of loan programs including debt consolidation services. The company has created a solid reputation as an exceptional player in the Financial Services, Lending, Non-Profit, and Professional Services industry.

1to1 Accountants

1to1 Accountants, a firm offering professional accounting services , tax, VAT returns, payroll, bookkeeping, self-assessment and company formation, has carved a niche in the Accounting, Financial Services, and Professional Services industry.

Manor Brokers

Operating as an independent mortgage advisor, Manor Brokers provide advice on mortgages and remortgages to first-time buyers and homeowners alike. They’re a standout company in the Advice, Financial Services, and Insurance Industry.

Pepper Advantage UK

The UK arm of Pepper Advantage, is a leading global credit management company. Their work extends across Asset Management, Commercial, Financial Services, and the Residential sector.

Paragon Bank

Paragon Bank is a specialist equipment finance company, with a specific interest in the Broadcast, Film, ProAudio, and AV industries. They are a noteworthy player in the Banking and Financial Services industry.

Paytriot Payments

Offering a unique online and retail card payment solution, Paytriot Payments consistently excel in the Financial Services and Mobile Payments sectors.

Payday UK

Payday UK functions as an online loan service provider company. Marking presence across Finance, Financial Services, and Online Portals.’

Sapphire Info Solutions

Managed by Kawitansh (Kevin) Khanna, Sapphire Info Solutions is an accounting outsourcing company that offers bookkeeping and accounting services.

GNS Associates

GNS Associates provides a comprehensive range of taxation, VAT and accountancy services to small-and-medium businesses.

Insure Your Paws

Pet owners, pay attention! Insure Your Paws offers pet insurance, providing protection to your furry pals against accidents and illnesses.

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Affinity Financial Advisors

Affinity Financial Advisors is several steps ahead in delivering financial, pension, mortgage, and inheritance tax planning services in the Advice, Finance, Financial Services, and Insurance industry.


Providing financial advisory services in the United Kingdom, RGA IFA have established themselves as a go-to stop for individuals and businesses seeking advice across Finance and Financial Services.

Allport Group

Offering a cocktail of financial solutions including investment opportunities, risk management, business management and marketing services; Allport Group is a remarkable player in the Business Development, Financial Services, and Marketing industry.

The Loans Page

Being an intermediary, The Loans Page offers credible loan comparison services in the Finance and Financial Services sector.

Each of these companies brings a distinctive flair to the financial services sector, making Hillingdon an interesting hive for financial activities.

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