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Which Hessen Insurance Startups are Shaping Germany’s Financial Landscape in 2023?

The German state of Hessen is well known for its strong financial sector, with the city of Frankfurt often referred to as Mainhattan due to its impressive skyline and its status as a significant global financial hub. Within this vibrant financial landscape, a number of dynamic and innovative Insurance companies and startups are making a name for themselves, delivering exciting new services and reimagining the possibilities of insurance. We delve into 15 of the most intriguing companies making waves in the Insurance sector in Hessen.

With a diverse range of offerings and industries, from traditional insurance brokerage services to cutting edge AI-powered financial consultation platforms these companies are at the forefront of insurance innovation. Regardless of whether they’re indie startups pushing tech boundaries or well-established firms adjusting to new industry trends, they all share a dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer-centric solutions.

Let’s take a look at 15 insurance companies and startups in Hessen breaking new ground and shaping the future landscape of the industry in Germany, and potentially the world.

MRH Trowe

MRH Trowe is an independent financial services firm specializing in providing comprehensive insurance services. As a well-established player in the industry, the company has continued to evolve, leveraging its expertise to provide customers with tailored insurance solutions.


DVA is an industrial insurance brokerage firm that protects businesses from various financial risks. The company’s extensive knowledge of the industry enables it to guide clients through complex insurance landscapes and offer optimal coverage options.

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Tonbeller is a pioneer in providing solutions against financial and white-collar crimes. The firm combines information technology, insurance, and risk management to provide top-tier, multifaceted businesses protection solutions.

Sparkasse Darmstadt

Steeping itself firmly in the banking industry, Sparkasse Darmstadt offers a wide range of financial services that include banking services, insurance solutions, and financial advice.

J.Anthes Versicherungsmakler

As an internationally oriented insurance brokerage firm, J.Anthes Versicherungsmakler is expert at sourcing suitable insurance policies for businesses around the globe.

Access to Insurance Initiative

Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) widens insurance knowledge and inclusivity through various events, training, and a suite of financial services.

BKK Werra-Meissner

As a focused health insurance firm, BKK Werra-Meissner provides health coverage insurance, making quality healthcare accessible and affordable to its patrons.

Pitch Club

PitchClub may be an investment-oriented company, but its activity in the financial sector enables it to provide insurance solutions as well.


ASCAMSO operates as a cloud service broker and ratings agency, using its technology-focused model to bring innovative insurance solutions to businesses.


Clark leverages fintech to redefine insurance coverage. Co-founded by Chris Lodde, Christopher Oster, and Dr. Marco Adelt, Clark ensures a comprehensive digital insurance experience for its users.


Thinksurance offers a leading technology consultation platform for business insurance. Co-founded by Christopher Leifeld, Florian Brokamp, and Timm Weitzel, Thinksurance uses technology to connect brokers, agents, banks and more.


Pushing the boundaries of AI in the finance industry, Finanzguru is the brainchild of Alexander Michel and Benjamin Michel. The AI-powered financial assistant aims to transform the financial management and insurance experience for consumers.

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Finlex brings an innovative twist to commercial insurance as it revolutionizes risk management. Co-founded by Christian Reddig, Sebastian Klapper, and Tomasz Kosecki, Finlex builds a bridge between corporates, brokers, and insurers.


Konsilmed is at the intersection of healthcare and insurance, offering telemedicine consultations alongside insurance solutions. Co-founded by brothers Anas Abdelhafiz and Ibraheem Abdelhafiz, Konsilmed focuses on making premium healthcare accessible globally.

Deutsche Borse

Last but not least, Deutsche Borse is a giant exchange company, providing investors, financial institutions, and corporations with access to global capital markets. It also offers insurance services as part of its extensive array of financial services.

The diverse range of companies and startups in Hessen’s insurance sector exemplify the innovative dynamism and potential that the region has to offer. Whether you’re looking for traditional insurance solutions, risk management tools or pioneering tech platforms, Hessen’s insurance industry has got you covered.

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