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Which Hessen-Based Trading Platforms are Revolutionising Germany’s Finance Sector in 2023?

Germany’s historical region of Hessen is becoming a pivotal hub in the technology startup space, with a particular interest in trading platform startups. From the agricultural sector to fintech, these companies offer a diverse set of solutions to a variety of industries. In this article, we explore some of these emerging companies that are making waves in their respective fields.

Despite being a relatively small region in Germany, Hessen punches far above its weight in terms of innovative trading platform startups. Whether it’s agricultural trading, financial exchanges, cryptocurrency, or even non-ferrous metal scrap trading, you’ll find that the startups in Hessen have a vast repertoire of offerings.

Let’s delve into the details of these 15 impressive companies, revealing how they’re reshaping their industries and offering intriguing business models through their unique trading platforms.

Intrachem Bio Deutschland

Intrachem Bio Deutschland operates in the Agriculture and Organic Food industry, offering a trading platform that focuses on the development and trading of fertilizers and crop protection products.

BSI Sales

Within the Consumer Electronics and Sales industries, BSI Sales has made a name for itself, providing automatic identification solutions via its trading platform.


BLOCKSIZE, a startup founded by Christian Labetzsch and Christoph Impekoven, leads the market in enabling financial market participants to transform their businesses. Their services focus on aiding the management of digital assets through their Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enabled trading platform.

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FELS Group – FollowMyMoney

The FELS Group, co-founded by Jens Labusch, has set the benchmark in social wealth management with its marketplace trading platform, FollowMyMoney.de, which showcases over 20,000 investment products and recommendations.


360T is the main global provider of web-based trading technology, offering services within the Asset Management and Financial Services industries.

Magton GmbH

Offering services across the FinTech industry, Magton GmbH is a Boutique Financial Technology Provider empowering Banks and Financial Firms through its trading platform.

DLT Finance Group

Founded by Adib Istanbouli, DLT Finance Group provides prime brokerage, secure digital asset custody, and compliance services through its trading platform.


justTRADE, founded by Michael B. Bußhaus and Ralf Oetting, is a financial service company that operates its trading platform in the Cryptocurrency and Financial Services sectors.

Spectrum Markets

Spectrum Markets specialises in retail trading and investments, offering products such as knock-out and turbo through its trading platform.


Commercial Real Estate is made easy through CALEO’s trading platform. It also provides IT and Property Management services in the thriving Real Estate industry.

China Europe International Exchange AG

China Europe International Exchange AG is a trading company providing insurance and financial services through its trading platform.


Co-founded by Christoph Benner, CHOM CAPITAL is an asset management firm that keenly serves the investment needs of investors through its innovative trading platform.


A specialist in trading, shares, listings, and settlement services, Xetra provides a cherished pool of financial services through its trading platform.


Tectrex is an acclaimed real estate investment firm that offers digital securitization, security, as well as asset data analytics through its trading platform.

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MC Metallhandel GmbH

And not least, MC Metallhandel GmbH operates a trading platform for non-ferrous metal scrap, actively engaged in the wholesale business within the Precious Metals, Sales, and Trading Platform industries.

This primer on trading platform startups from Hessen illuminates the burgeoning innovation happening within this region. These startups exemplify how diverse and dynamic the industry scene in Hessen has become. The influence of these entities – through their groundbreaking trading platforms – is sure to only increase in years to come.

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