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Which Hertford Startups are Revolutionising the UK’s Payment Industry in 2023?

The vibrant fintech sector in Hertford, United Kingdom, has become a hotbed for innovation, especially among startups working on unique payment solutions. Each company brings a unique perspective to finance, offering novel ways to make, process, and manage payments. We’ve compiled a list of fifteen such amazing startups.

Whether you’re interested in the latest in AI and machine learning, mobile payments for everyday activities like parking or the most cutting-edge blockchain solutions, Hertford has something to offer. These startups are redefining the way payments are done, and therefore, are worth a watch.

GigaFare Limited

GigaFare Limited brings AI and machine learning to the world of airfare pricing. Renowned as a fintech company, GigaFare uses these technologies to refine and enhance payment and pricing structures.

PayByPhone UK

PayByPhone UK offers convenience to car owners with its mobile solutions for car parking services. Now, you can handle parking payments with the ease and flexibility of mobile payments.


Eckoh is pioneering in the areas of speech recognition and payment solutions, offering solutions across voice, web and mobile channels. At its helm is Nik Philpot.


Invapay provides master merchant solutions for B2B payments, amalgamating finance and technology. The brainchild of Sid Soteris Vasili, Invapay emphasises smart, efficient transactions.


VocaLink, spearheaded by Paul Stoddart, develops and operates payment infrastructure solutions in the United Kingdom. It’s revolutionising the way payments are made across platforms and channels.

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Little Birdie

Little Birdie by Jeremy Taylor and Martin Bould, is an app that helps consumers manage subscriptions and recurring payments. It’s all about making finance easier and more accessible.


Exactly.com aims at businesses with its finance solutions. It offers payment processing for various digital business platforms, making transactions easier than ever.

Crystal Choice

Crystal Choice offers payment solutions, business development, and payroll services to contractors and freelancers. It’s tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of these professionals.


Cryptofriends combines blockchain technology and payments. This shift towards a more secure and decentralised way of managing finance represents the future of payments.

Bemrose Mobile

Bemrose Mobile focuses on parking solutions across the UK. Like PayByPhone, this startup aims at simplifying and making parking payments more user-friendly.

PXP Financial

PXP Financial, founded by Kamran Hedjri, provides end-to-end payment services. It’s all about creating comprehensive, holistic solutions for payments.


BAR 2 offers payment, compliance and tax services, designed specifically for temporary workers. It’s an all-in-one finance solution for this specific demographic.

Euronet Essentis

Specialising in payment card issuing and merchant management solutions, Euronet Essentis is leaving a mark in the card payments industry. While a substantial player in the industry, its website isn’t listed.

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