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Which Hertford Finance Startups are Influencing the UK’s Economy in 2023?

Located in the heart of England, Hertford is known for its historical significance and contemporary appeal. But what many may not know is that this charming market town is also a hub for innovative finance companies and startups. This article shines a spotlight on some of Hertford’s most exciting finance companies. From second charge mortgages to innovative investing tools, these companies are not only making a mark in the local finance sector but are also redefining the industry on a larger scale.

The finance industry in Hertford is diverse, with companies offering a range of services including specialist loans, investor tools, accountancy services, pension management, and more. These firms operate across various sectors of finance such as angel investment, cloud infrastructure, financial technology, and even field-programmable gate array trading. These companies are led by visionary founders and supported by a team of dedicated professionals who consistently strive to deliver superior financial services for individuals and businesses.

Let’s take a closer look at these thriving finance companies currently making waves in Hertford.

Enterprise Finance

Enterprise Finance specializes in second charge, bridging, commercial and complex buy-to-let mortgages and loans. Established by Danny Waters, the firm caters to individuals and businesses in need of expert, innovative financial solutions.


Founded by Byron Woodmansee, James Goodsall, and Kaj Siebert, JustInvesting provides online tools for venture investing, simplifying the process and making it more accessible for all types of investors.

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Enra Group

Enra Group has developed a solid reputation in the specialist loans market. Their expert consulting and financial services make them a go-to resource for those seeking specialized financial solutions.

Willis Owen

Willis Owen is an investment and financial company specializing in funds, shares, smart saving, and ETFs. They provide user-friendly platforms to navigate the complex world of investments.

Cardif Pinnacle

Cardif Pinnacle is a leading UK provider of creditor, warranty, and special risks insurance, safeguarding customers against potential financial risks.

Alternative Bridging

Alternative Bridging offers commercial and residential property loans as well as property development finance services, catering to small and medium-sized businesses across the UK.


NanoSpeed offers groundbreaking low latency FPGA trading solutions, offering a faster and more reliable trading platform for users.

J.D. Bregman & Co

Offering a range of taxation and accountancy services, J.D. Bregman & Co ensures its clients are financially organized, compliant, and knowledgeable.


Agewage specializes in pension management, providing tools that help individuals and pension providers compare and maximize pensions at retirement.

SRJ Accounting Services

SRJ Accounting Services offers a range of accountancy services, assisting both individuals and businesses with their accounting needs.

Independent Mortgage Solutions

Independent Mortgage Solutions offers insurance and mortgage advice. They specialize in home, life, and critical illness insurance.

John Joseph Financial Services

John Joseph Financial Services caters to the needs of individuals, families, and businesses, providing pensions, investments, savings, protection, and tax planning services.

Encore Accountancy Services

Encore Accountancy Services offers comprehensive services including accounting, payroll, taxation, and company registration.


OBK offers a range of services including accountancy, consulting, and training, helping businesses stay financially organized while also developing their operations.

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Founded by Stephen Findlay, BondMason is a specialist in UK property investing, providing lucrative investment opportunities for individuals and businesses.

These finance startups and companies are not only making a significant impact in Hertford’s local finance sector but are also contributing towards reshaping the finance industry at large. With their innovative approaches and commitment to providing superior financial services, they are setting new standards within the industry.

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