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Which Emerging UK Hedge Funds are Revolutionising Finance in 2023?

The world of finance is a dynamic and constantly evolving landscape filled with innovative ideas and new players. In particular, the Hedge Funds sector in the UK has seen a surge of intriguing startups and firms, broadening the options for investors and bringing new funding models and ideas to the forefront. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting Hedge Funds companies making waves in England.

These companies showcase a variety of approaches and subsectors within funds management, trading platform, analytics, and even incorporate the newest technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. With varied focuses from wealth management, financial services, venture capital, to fintech, these UK Hedge Funds startups and firms are challenging traditional finance norms and shaping industry standards. Each pioneering their unique methods and strategies, these companies are ones to watch.

The following Hedge Funds companies demonstrate inventive strategies, diverse investment focuses and robust growth, making them of particular interest in the industry. With detailed introductions, founders, industry linking, and descriptions with links to their websites, we profile 15 intriguing Hedge Funds companies from England.


GIV-Capital is an online trading and asset Management services platform, operating within the realms of asset management, financial services, hedge funds, trading platform and wealth management.


Roy Bernhard founded Fabriik, a digital asset marketplace that’s innovatively weaving together a platform to transform, hold, trade, and grow all your assets.

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Millhouse, a listed international diversified funds management businesses, whose securities are quoted on Deutsche Börse, was started by Roman Abramovich.

Essentia Analytics

Founded by Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia Analytics provides financial performance analytics software. They are especially noteworthy for their unique blend of analytics, finance, and software development.

Acuity Knowledge Partners

Acuity Knowledge Partners, founded by Joel Perlman, provides research, analytics, and business intelligence to the financial services sector, specially designed for hedge funds.


Huddlestock, led by Michel van Tol, Murshid M. Ali, and Oyvind Hovland, focuses on SaaS, fintech, mobile app development, and wealth and asset management.


Empowering investors with Big Data insights, 3AI is a collaborative effort of founders Hassan Salamony, Jacob Ayres-Thomson, and Simon Judd.


Mark O’Hare’s Preqin provides financial data and information on the alternative assets market, including hedge funds and venture capital.

Man Group

Man Group, founded by James Man, is a world-leading alternative investment management business providing banking, financial services, and venture capital solutions.

GSD Capital

GSD Capital, an investment management firm founded by Russel Lane, Timothy Goldberg, and Tom Welsh, is bringing artificial intelligence into the world of asset management and hedge funds.


Founded by Ryan Kalish, Allocator is a data platform for investors in funds. They engage in fintech, hedge funds, software and asset management services.

MAIA Technology

MAIA Technology specializes in SaaS solutions for asset managers and hedge funds’ investing and operational activities.

Foenix Partners

Richard de Meo’s Foenix Partners provides businesses with foreign exchange solutions, commodities hedging, payments, and risk management services.

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Hentsū, founded by Marko Djukic, is a hedge fund and asset management technology specialist. Find out more about their offerings on their website https://hentsu.com.


Leno, led by George Tonkov, delivers superior investment returns with risk under control – focusing on alternative investments in the realms of credit, financial services, hedge funds, real estate, and wealth management.

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